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Yeshen Venema

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>4</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Beard to Tail 77 Curtain Road
    EC2A 3BS

  • Venue phone:

    020 7729 2966

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  • Opening hours:

    Bar Open noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-9pm Sun. Restaurant Lunch served noon-4pm, dinner served 6-10pm Mon-Sat. Meals served noon-8pm Sun

  • Transport:

    Tube: Old Street tube/rail or Shoreditch High Street rail

  • Price:

    Main courses £10-£21.50. Meal for two with drinks and service: around £80.

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    1. Beard to Tail

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2.8 / 5

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Ascetically the restaurant was amazing. We loved the antic sewing treadle tables, the place looked urban, but vintage. Unfortunately that was where the wow factor ended... It took us ten minutes to place a drinks order, and a further 15 to order food. We then waited for another 15 minutes for our food to come...The food was over priced and frankly quite naff. I had the pork chop which was average, and the sausage and mash my boyfriend had was burnt and came with cheap american mustard. The waiter was nice, but clearly stretched. He made no effort to apologise for the wait, and proceeded to leave us with dirty plates for 15 minutes until we paid the bill and left. We felt like we were served by a bunch of hipsters that were too busy worrying about what they looked like (standing looking in pictures fixing their hair) than serving us. The whole experience was a waste of time and money, we left annoyed and hungry... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone...


After reading the reviews I was really excited about eating here. My overall view is that I wouldn't bother. There are so many great places to eat all over London and prices are very competitive. I can't think of anything this had to offer which made it special, in fact, I take that back, the toilets smelt amazing, and I don't mean that sarcastically either. So after waiting a long time to be seen the next disappointment was the size of the portion of ribs which came served on a massive wooden board which only emphasised the small size of the portion. My ribs despite being small were well cooked, soft and succulent. My boyfriend however was not so lucky, his ribs were significantly drier and not tender and did not fall apart. The ribs are served with some delicious crispy bits of onion and a disappointing coleslaw, served in a bowl so small it resembled an egg cup. Our sides were chips, which were quite nice, I've had better but I've had a lot worse. The other side was a salad, this again was served in a tiny bowl and contained a few slices of something that looked like chopped white onion only it had no flavour so maybe it was celeriac? Hard to tell! It also had a few pieces of rocket drenched in olive oil. I love olive oil but not when I get it all over my lips. We skipped desert as we were kind of over it at that point. When we mentioned how disappointing the over cooked ribs were gratuity was removed from the bill. All in all it's a cool looking place and a lot of effort has clearly gone into the interiors but sadly the food didn't match up to the interior or some of the good reviews I'd previously read which is what compelled me to write my review.


I feel compelled to review the restaurant as well, as I disagree with the unenthousiastic reviews below. I went here with three friends last month and had a really good time. We had no reservation, but got the last table. Staff was friendly, service did not take long at all, it is a very atmospheric place and the food was great (in fact, the hamburger might be the best I have ever eaten).


Saturday 3rd August 2013 I visited this restaurant at 20.30 with friends I had visiting from Sweden. We were told that we had to wait an hour for the table which we didnt mind as I had heard good things about the food and was excited to show my friends something different. At 21.30 we retuned to the restaurant and was seated by the kitchen hatch that served the food. Having waited 10 minutes we were then visited by our server and asked for our drink selection. A further 10 minutes had passed before we were served our 3 beers. I should point out at this stage a table of around 12 guys who were being rowdy and rather annoying, I felt a little embarrassed as this was not really the type of people I would expect to find in a restaurant like this. Our food order was then placed at this time of which was the following 2 x Ribs 1 x Steak (MEDIUM) 1 x Chunky Chips 1 x Sweet Potato fries 25 minutes passed and our order was delivered to the table. I had by this time finished my beer but was not offered another. Firstly, sorry, these are not the best ribs in London.....I spent the whole time picking endless pieces of clear grizzle type substances out of my mouth. However, what really annoyed me was the steak arrived and was clearly RARE. Having started eating my friend clearly could not eat the steak as it was far too undercooked for her liking. At this point wanting to ensure they had a positive visit I managed to get the attention of one of the service managers. I was told that he would be right back, however clearly after around 4 minutes he had forgotten about us to which I then got up, and left the table to find him. Once again I got his attention and he clearly had forgotten. I explained at the table that the steak was to be MEDIUM and he agreed that the order was incorrect. Surprisingly, 3 mintes passed and the original pieces of steak having been removed from the plate and heated somehow came back to the table on a pure white plate. That was it! Nothing more. No garnish. Nothing. Having worked for 18 years in restaurants this is not how its done. By this time the table of guys decided that they would all jump out of their seats and start to fight......hurrar!! Kitchen staff came running, what a joy...... That was it, our experience was over. I have to say I was glad to leave. No apology from the sevice manager. Our waiter did say that he was busy and see you again........ I really dont think so! In the 4 evenings of visits I took my friends to Meat Mission, Tayyabs Indian, The Princess of Shoreditch and this place.......I really dont have to explain which came last. A real shame as the restaurant is just down the road from my office. Sorry guys, this is fact and I cant deny my experience.

Colin Hutchinson

Went for Sunday lunch with friends and it was excellent. We had Sunday roasts and bloody Mary;s and I havn't had one that good in a long time. we only intended to stay for a few hours but ended up being there for 4 1/2 hours as it was so cosy and we where so well looked after. Highly recomended. Just go

Tom Johnstone

Sat in the bar not the restaurant but they still let us have the restaurant menu. 4 of us had a mixture of beers and wines and then 4 burgers which where incredible. The staff are so friendly and the service very efficient. They even gave us some of their home made bourbon baileys as a sweetener at the end of our lunch. Can't fault it. can't wait to go back for dinner. TJ


Incredibly disappointing! This place had so much promise, sadly it was dreadful. I was so excited by the menu but in reality it was boring, unimaginative, poorly presented, poorly seasoned, poor value for money - just poor all round! I had a shrimp starter which was actually laughable. It was 3 king prawns fresh out of a supermarket 'ready to eat' packet, on a couple of leaves of lettuce with a cup of watery coriander and chilli. The Pork Rumpy was so dry it was inedible. The staff were very nice and did their best. It is just the food that lets the place down. I would not recommend this place or go back. It's a nice little venue and the bar is great, if they sorted out the food it could be a real success.

Jason Bolton

Ohhhhh Dear. We saw the BAD reviews and thought we'd give it the benefit of the doubt but don't make the mistake of eating here. To quote Jay Rayner: "It is one long masterclass in disappointment". We sat at our 9pm table for 20 minutes before being offered a drink. The rib meat was completely tasteless and adding the so called BBQ sauce added little more. The bacon chop was acceptable but as with all the other dishes, slightly on the cold side. Overpriced and disappointing we will not return. £65 meal for 2... we didn't pay the service charge of 12.5% as it really was not worth it. Complained to the staff in detail and still expected to pay the full bill. Sorry beard to tail - a LOT more effort needed !!!


Good drinks, terrible food. Nice enough place and good cocktails as you'd expect but the food was very poor. 7 of us were there for dinner, we had to send three steaks back that were all overcooked. Quality of the ribs were also bad with not much meat on them and too much fat. The 'deconstructed prawn cocktail' should be restructured elsewhere entirely. If you want good meat go elsewhere.


12 of us went last night and we were disappointed on quite a few fronts. It's definitely much more expensive than it should be. The portions aren't particularly big, and our Featherblade dishes were either finished or cold by the time the accompanying flat bread arrived as an afterthought.


Went here a few nights ago with friends. Great drinks menu and interesting food menu. I stuck to the burger whilst most of my friends went for some variety of steak. The service was good but food was the big let down of the night. My burger was served with 2 onion rings and when I say the onion rings were cold I mean stone cold - the burger was a little better. I asked for the meal to be heated up but when it returned the onion rings were still stone cold - however the burger was much better. Obviously a little bit disappointed with this but service was great through-out. I can't speak for others but they said the steaks were a little disappointing, some being overcooked vs what was ordered but that could be just personal preference.


I haven't eaten here yet (though the meaty menu looks epic), but happened to pass by one evening and stop in for a nightcap. Lovely bar service (though I swear I asked for a single, quite clearly, and was served a double...cheeky) with a great whiskey list and a warm atmosphere with a well-thought out bar area. Will definitely go back.