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    Del Aziz - Bankside 5 Canvey Street The Blue Fin Building
    SE1 9AN

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I have never been so disappointed and dislike a restaurant as much as this restaurant. The food was as lowest it can be, no taste, flavours and texture. We were a four family there and even our kids did not eat any of the food (which was burned and hard burgers). The Tagines that adults ordered were tasteless and bland, we have eaten tagine in many restaurants (since we eat out almost twice a week) we had tagine in Morocco we know it can’t be like the one we had in Morocco. It seems the meat was boiled with just water and few spices without any taste. The Persian shish kebab which ordered for my daughter she felt sick I tasted and was shocked and disappointed that it was called Persian shish. The waiter was the only thing good at the restaurant, I couldn’t believe the manager had the audacity to try explain to us that this is not a Moroccan restaurant or Persian so we can make the food how we want, so it should not be called tagine when it isn’t anything like it and it just ruined the name of tagine. Also please take the name Persian of the menu. The Persian kofteh which was ordered for one of the kids it came after 40 minutes after everyone else’s food, it was hard and burned, as a Persian I was embarrassed but we all have eaten in Persian restaurant so we knew this isn’t how kofteh would be. I would advise you go to places like Behesht in Harrow and see how kofteh meant to be made, also strongly recommend Edgware road for Tagine. Not all restaurants are good but few are this bad but they have some standard and have some good food. My Tagine never turned up lucky for me. I hope you really considering reading this and do something since you have four families whom were really really disappointed and will not recommend anyone. Please I usually don’t complain but this was the worst I have had for a very very long time so please understand you can’t take foods which are a tradition and well known in different countries and make it this bad. Tagine is made different in different restaurants but there is a texture, flavour and spices which are almost common, in your case it was just nothing but boiled meat. The burgers my god how hard and burned it was made our kids just left them and the Persian kofteh and the Persian shish well no comment. We came hungry to the restaurant left even hungrier. We got the worst we could have got. Our bill £316 wow and we ate nothing……..we shouldn’t have paid. Actually I would like our money back…..