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Venue details

  • Address:

    Dragon Castle 100 Walworth Road
    SE17 1JL

  • Venue phone:

    020 7277 3388

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  • Opening hours:

    Meals served noon-11.30pm Mon-Sat; 11.30am-10.30pm Sun. Dim sum served noon-4.45pm daily

  • Transport:

    Tube: Elephant & Castle tube/rail

  • Price:

    Main courses £5.50-£25. Dim sum £2.20-£3.90. Set meals £16.80-£28.80 per person (minimum 2)

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    1. Dragon Castle

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Very disappointed. Service was appalling and the staff are very rude. Management has no idea. My complaint mirrors the lady's below, 'Yvonne'. It was my birthday - a party eight we were all seated and it went downhill from there. We left without paying the bill, with no complaint from management. I DO NOT RECOMMENDED THIS RESTAURANT


I wish I had read the reviews before booking a table for my father's birthday - what a disappointment! On arrival, the waiter seemed quite abrupt, but I put this down to the language barrier. We ordered our food, however, when my dish came, it was not the dish that I had ordered. When I complained, the manager came over and said they would prepare my requested dish, but I would have to pay for both dishes, even though it was the waiter's mistake! I told him to forget it!. The rest of the group were given their food, however, there were two rice dishes missing. As the service was slow, we waited and waited, however the two rice dishes did not appear. When the waiter eventually came back to our table, I told him that two rice dishes were missing, but as everyone had nearly finished eating, he could forget about it and just take if off our bill. At this point, the manager came over again and implied that we had been given 4 sets of rice, although there were only two very distinctive rice containers present on our table. At this point, I was ready to just walk out. On asking for the bill, the waiter had the audacity to add on a service charge, which I promptly refused to pay. This was the worst restaurant experience I have ever had, and it totally ruined my father's birthday meal. Will definitely not be going back there and would NOT recommend this restaurant.


This restaurant currently serves shark fin suit - this practive globally sees 73 million killed each year. Shark finning is the practice of slicing off the shark's fins while the shark is still alive and throwing the rest of its body back into the ocean where it can take days to die what must be an agonising death. Some sharks starve to death, others are slowly eaten by other fish, and some drown, because sharks need to keep moving to force water through their gills for oxygen.


Not having eaten at the Dragon Castle for over a year my wife and I went there yesterday expecting to eat as splendidly as we had often done in the past. No chance. What was once a restaurant where it was a pleasure to eat, seems to have transformed into your average small town Chinese, as opposed to the serious Soho rival it used to be. The salt/pepper squid starter, consistency of chicken nuggets, was sent back as largely inedible, Cantonese duck old, overflavoured with star anise and textured as if someone had crushed it with a mallet also took ages to arrive ( we had to ask). Of the other dishes, the soft shelled crab was oversalted, the mixed seafood in a basket merely bland and vegetable heavy, the shredded beef merely OK in a sweet n' sour kind of way.. The total including three glasses of house wine came to £55 which is far too much for food which we could have ordered in far better quality, and far less price, either from our local Brixton Acre Lane Chinese take away. I cannot recall when I have eaten Chinese food as badly prepared as this. The Service was fine, the food was not. When asked if the restaurant was under new /recent management we were told it wasn't. Either way, we won't be going back. Sadly, an very unpleasant experience.


I heard that the restaurant was under new management and after being a customer for 4 years I decided to give it another go. The meal was very nice and the quality had improved sufficiently since the last time I went there which was about 2 months ago. There seemed to be all new staff who were very friend and helpful with recommending what dishes we should try. The food came out quite quickly and we werent disapointed. I would highly recommend Dragon Castle restaurant to anyone living in the South London area and to anyone willing to travel to a place which serves up a great Traditional Chinese Dining experience! I plan to go again to try the dim sum this weekend with my boyfriend!

matthew johnson

we were so happy that we finally had a local alternative to chinatown when dragon castle first opened. the dim sum was good and well priced, and service was polite. but both seemed to be slipping over our last few visits. we had lunch there today. i can cope with strange, incompetent and sometimes rude service if the food is good, but it wasn't. it was like the average chinese you can find on any street corner in england. two of the six dim sum weren't available, although they didn't tell us until 20 minutes after we had finished the rest of the food. oh well, back to royal china in bayswater. id rather travel than go through that again. or can anyone recommend another dim sum restaurant in south london?


Very disappointed by the poor service. We called up the restaurant to ask about their opening times.They said last order was at 10:30. We specifically asked if we should come by 10 and reserve a table and they assured us that it won't be a problem and no booking was needed. When we turned up at 10 sharp, at first they said they had closed and when we explained that we had called and confirmed, they reluctantly agreed and gave us a table, but the staff was extremely ill mannered and trying to rush us through the order. We finally decided to leave without a meal. The manager came and tried to apologize but overall a very bad experience due to unprofessional staff.

emma reynolds

we love this place & come every year for a big Sunday birthday dim sum.... dim sum is as good and varied as chinatown & comparatively affordable & the special birthday tune they do with the cake makes it very special! used to come for take-aways in the early days but live too far away now, so suppose we wouldn't have noticed if the dinner menu has dropped in quality.


Really is worth going to if only just once. But bet uphill be back again.


Me and the family came here for dinner some time a go and the food and service was fantastic but tonight it was a totally different story! When we came for dinner we had to wait for 5 min before being greeted and seated considering the restaurant was empty!! Once seated we notice a few things that are different , the staff was not as nice as they use to be, the uniform wasn't as smart as before and pretty scruffy considering how the lay out of the restaurant is. Then when we ordered the food it took about 30-40 min to arrive, when it did I arrive I thought it must be worth the wait, boy was I wrong, food was bland, everything taste sweet, not what it was suppose to taste like and I'm pretty sure they used a microwave to heat up some of the food, we quickly ate up and could hardly wait to get out!! The price was pretty steep too, I'm not even complaining about the price if it was decent food, but paying such a high price for food I can get from a Chinese takeaway is taking the mick. One things for sure is we will never be coming back , it's such a shame it turned out like this.


ridiculous. bad look. bad service. bad food. i'm only 12, and i know how rubbish it is. the menu is ridiculously over price. the food isn't even that good at all! extremely bad service there too. such a depressing vibe.

Tim Kerry

Couldn't wait to try this place...couldn't wait to get out once I had! How can a place that looks this good, create such bland deep-fried rubbish? My first and last visit. Vastly over-priced too, with the standard of food you should be paying a third of the price. A tremendous disappointment.