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Please note, Foxtrot Oscar is closed for refurbishment until 2015.

This might be the first restaurant from Gordon RamsayTM to be an underachiever. Its not that Foxtrot Oscar is a bad restaurant its an adequate neighbourhood place its just that its so lacking in soul and the food is so unremarkable that you wonder why you didnt stay home and cook instead. A bistro called Foxtrot Oscar has been plodding along on this site since 1980, run by an avuncular old Etonian called Michael Proudlock. Last year Gordon Ramsay Holdings bought Mr Proudlocks venture, something apparent when you book a table (a receptionist now insists on taking a mobile number for confirmation). After a long refurb we now have an inoffensive little place, decorated like a Jurys Inn meeting room, turning out dull food much in the mould of the old Foxtrot Oscar. Mr Proudlock is still there, on our visit doting on old regulars. The menu reads like a 1970s dinner party menu in places, from the prawn cocktail (oddly bland Dublin Bay prawns) through blanquette of lamb (a bit like Irish stew, but the sauce had an oddly floury texture) to chocolate tart. The days special of foie gras and veal burger sounded interesting but just wasnt as good as the normal burgers sold at contemporary chains such as Hamburger Union or Ultimate Burger: the bun had too little texture, the meat not enough flavour, the chips were pale and the Caesar side salad was little more than a few dressed lettuce leaves. The Ramsay gastropubs have cleverly reinvented old British dishes but Foxtrot Oscar seems to be recreating the dishes of the 1970s, not improving them. Things have moved on a lot in the past 30 years, mostly for the better. And Foxtrot Oscar, new Ramsay brigade or not, is just not keeping up. PS Later in 2008 Foxtrot Oscar was refurbished but the opening hours and days were reduced.

Venue name: Foxtrot Oscar
Address: 79 Royal Hospital Rd
Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 12noon-2.30pm, 6-10pm; Sat, Sun 12noon-4pm, 6-10pm
Transport: Tube: Victoria tube/rail then bus 239

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Kate E

We just went to FO by mistake [thought we were going to THE Gordon Ramsay restuarant but turns out it's on the same road and just not open at the weekend oops! I was a glorious sunny day but we were marched downstairs to the basement - no windows! Coats hung up in the corner messily! Messily dressed stagg [but nice and friendly].  Awful Formica tables and a gross formica covered green post in the middle of the restaurant and DISGUSTING FILTHY toilets! Pubes and dust round the back of the toilet and a dirty sink.  No attention to detail.  Dark horrible little pit and rubbish decor [can't believe I read here that it's been refurbished??!].  The food was nice but nothing I haven't had elsewhere [in nicer surroundings], but for us, the ambience and decor is as important as the food.  We couldn't wait to get out of there! Will never go again.  But we LOVED Gordon Ramsay @ Hospital Road with michelin star and will make sure we book in there properly next time! Gordon  - you are in danger of becoming a fast food chain with the rate of aquisition and lack of attention to detail your holdings are displaying.  Sort it out.  Bread Street for example looks great but is over priced and serves cold red wine [and no, it wasn't supposed to be].  We will check out your new Lounge bar and restaurant in Battersea, but you have a long way to go impress us once more!

Marie Kato-Kmiec

A first, and possibly last, visit to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Given the way Mr Ramsey has marketed himself, one would expect to eat something that exceeds mediocre. The main and desserts were disappointing - I could honestly prepare something much more flavoursome, interesting and sophisticated with my eyes closed at home, not to mention the presentation of the dishes. I love food and cooking, but I am not a professional, so when I go to a place with Gordon Ramsey's name on it, I'd expect to be a little bit impressed. The service was overbearing; the decor - 'try hard' comes to mind. We were seated downstairs, while the top floor was empty. I would not object to this ordinarily, however, the stairs were ridiculously steep and I am 9 months pregnant, due in a few days - how is this good customer service, especially in light of the fact that the ladies' room was upstairs! An overall review needs to include a comment on the bathrooms - acceptably clean, however, very very small and did not include anything to dry hands with - paper towels, hand dryer perhaps? I would not recommend this place to anyone. I think you're better off spending your money at Nando's...and Mr Ramsey should perhaps think twice before lending his name to restaurants.


A mundane experience in the competitive restaurant scene in London. My group of 6 were mixed, but I will not be returning.

Mark Thompson

Perhaps the writers of the article should have another look it. Somebody seems to have sabotaged it, and stolen the punctuation. And the grammar.

The Mighty AJ

I got some groupon vouchers to try this restaurant out and was pleased with my visit. I enjoyed the food, which was cooked exactly as requested and I was very happy with the service. The restaurant was very small which I was dubious about on entering but the staff worked so well together and we enjoyed the way in which they served us - great personalities and engaging enough to make you smile or laugh but not intrusive. I would definitely go back, even if just to try and fathom out the choices of some of the art work on the walls........ One important note for all you ladies as I am sure you will be asking... the toilets (small and compact) were very nice and to a high standard. In fact, a lot of attention has been placed on picking quality fittings throughout which helps to make you feel special in such a small restaurant. :)