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    GRUB - The Workingmen's Club BGWMC 42-44 POLLARD ROW
    E2 6NB

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Hannah Lanfear

I can't say enough good things about this place. The atmosphere is relaxed and a pleasurable mixture of quirky and quaint. The service is so friendly you'll probably walk away with their contact details and a plan to meet up for lager tops. The Bloody Mary's are served in a dimpled pint glasses and are absolutely delicious, nice and spicy and they stock locally made gin and lovely craft beer. Food is the point of the journey though: the menu is constantly changing with around five or more starters and mains every day. The pared back menu is the reason you'll keep returning, the food is so good you'll want to try it all. Since first going a month ago I've been back four times, for dates, with friends, for Sunday Roasts, for weekend breakfasts. It's my absolutely new favourite place in London. Do yourself a favour and get there as soon as you can!

Liam of Oz

I am absolutely hooked on this hidden gem of Bethnal green!! As I first walked through the innocuous exterior of the Bethnal green worker mans club, I had no idea what to expect. It felt like I had been tapped into some sort of secret culinary underground! Each foot echoed through the vacant hallway, anticipation grew as I climbed the stairway. The sounds of rockabilly and jazz along with cutlery pleasantly scrapping for each and every morsel started to resonate. And through the doors – I had found it! GRUB! All I can say is... The menu is exciting, the food and service is exceptional and the experience is everlasting. I WILL be back again!

Natty M

I am so lucky to have GRUB around the corner from me! After a hectic night out, their divine breakfast (with the best rye soldiers,) along with a fantastic conversation with another lone diner helped me fuel for super busy day. In fact I made a repeat visit that very evening, treating myself to their Sunday Roast (after hearing recommendations.) Now I can seriously say this lived up to its reputation - it even had a fabulous fennel find to treat my palette, while served with a remarkable horseradish sauce. Now having just finished a Cordon Bleu course myself, I certainly do not agree with the review above. The food's presentation is always beautiful, the quality of the food is great and the factor that GRUB changes their menu every week keeps it exciting. It's such a friendly atmosphere and it makes me happy to say I am already a GRUB regular. I even have my own majestic tea spoon - but I doubt this journo will ever get one of these… as it seems as though the picture painted about BGWMC by this person pretty much framed his writing about the food in general, which I find greatly unfair. It's a separate entity or did he not quite get that? There aren't many food places around here which I like as much. Fact :)