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We Londoners have a strange relationship with meat, consuming it voraciously but preferring to ignore its bloody origins and turn up our noses at the rarer cuts. So, in a unique experiment, Time Out decided to buy a cow, cut it up and eat the lot; look out for our series of recipes and cooking tips

  • How to cook a whole cow

    Poor cow: the meat, now in editor's-office-fridge-sized pieces

  • Week one: butchery

    The Time Out amateur meat team take lessons in butchery at the Ginger Pig, one of London’s best butchers.

    Week two: the tongue
    How to make Welsh chicken and leek pie with an ox's tongue.

    Week three: ageing

    Understanding the ageing process plus how to cook a Thai beef salad for two.

    Week four: knives

    Beef stroganoff for four plus how to slice and dice without ending up in A&E.

    Week five: the shin

    Once the pauper's choice, shin is now revered by dedicated beef eaters as the best stewing cut.

    Week six: brisket

    Admittedly not the most fashionable cut, but perfect for slow-cooked casserole.

    Week seven: rib

    Find out how to cook a classic French rib roast.

    Week eight: mince

    How to cook a not-so-perfect bolognese.

    Week nine: wing rib

    Prized by beef aficionados, but how do you get the best from a wing rib?

    Week ten: biltong

    How to cure and flavour your finest cuts, South African-style.

    Week eleven: filet mignon

    How to make a beef stroganoff using a tender sirloin cut.

    Week twelve: stewing steak

    Our cow, Del Boy, travels up the east African coast as we make a delicious Eritrean stew.

    Week thirteen: the heart

    Delicious cuisine awaits those brave enough to try the less popular cuts.

    Week fourteen: tenderloin

    How to cook the king of beef dishes: Beef Wellington.

    Week fifteen: silverside

    The perfect way to cook pot-roasted beef in red wine sauce with red onion marmalade.

    Week sixteen: tripe

    It's not fondly remembered, but is there any hope for austerity staple tripe?

    Week seventeen: mince

    The perfect recipe for home-made burgers.

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Users say


I bought an ox toungue at the butcher. I will follow yourrecipe here. Is the three day soak in the brine necessary? Can it be 1 day? thanks.


Jim-Oh, come on!! The whole point was that Real Life intervened and, while not four-star, it was still tasty. I like reading about when things go wrong, and how to recoup. It's more helpful than how to do it perfectly.


"Not the triumph I’d hoped for", eh? Well, that would be because you botched the prep, and then bottled the long, slow cooking.


where do i find the Fillet Steak on the animal, Please

Parmeeta Ghoman
Parmeeta Ghoman

I originally thought this article was going to be grossly barbaric however now having fully read the content I love the way your team gave description and fact. It makes me want to read more where I once would have cringed. Thank you Time Out !