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Karen Thomas

Seriously good houmous – and a lot more besides – at London’s prime practitioner of chickpea worship.

Houmous may be nothing more than cheap student-fuel to many, but this humble chickpea paste is elevated to something altogether more delicious in the hands of Hummus Bros. The original Wardour Street outlet is still spartanly decorated, despite a ten-year refit, with communal tables and big windows – with queues of office workers snaking into the street at lunchtime: scenes replicated at the Holborn and Cheapside branches. Though the wraps aren’t bad, go for the bowls of silky-smooth houmous sprinkled with paprika and olive oil, and make use of the garlic-infused lemon juice on every table. Mashed, cumin-scented fava beans is a good choice of topping, but our favourite is the chunky slow-cooked beef. A regular portion comes with two warm wholemeal pittas (one with a small serving). Side dishes are heartily recommended, with deliciously smoky barbecued aubergine and zingy tabouleh particular highlights. There’s the option of customising your plate with tortilla chips, carrot sticks or hard-boiled eggs, though it’s probably best to keep things simple. Service is quick and casual, but the Middle Eastern flavours and big portions make this a top budget lunch spot.


Venue name: Hummus Bros
Address: 88 Wardour Street
Opening hours: Meals served noon-10pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road tube
Price: Main courses £3.70-£8.80

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Leeza K

After reading about The Hummus Brothers reviews on TimeOut.  We tried it yesterday evening. VERY disappointing, and NOT cheap.  You get better hummus at Sainsbury's.  Tabboule does not taste as it should. The chicken in the wraps looked mushy,and brown. The staff looked like they couldn't be bothered either. Obviously the people who are rating this restaurant highly have not eaten proper Mediterranean food before, or they must have been starving.  Would NEVER visit again, or recommend. 


Great food here! Very tasty, decent portions, very fast and with extraordinarily friendly service. Perfect place to take vegan friends. Not sure why some posters here don't like the hummus - far better than what you'd find on the shop shelves.


This place is perfect for a delicious and fast lunch during the work day. The servings are incredibly generous (was very glad I didn't go for a large!) and the food tastes fresh and well made. The hummus dishes are served with wholemeal pitta/bread on the side and the service is quick. Dishes range from £5.50 for a small hummus dish and sides can be added on for a little more cost. Good food at an excellent price.


Organised to come here for my friend's birthday with 8 people in total - no bookings allowed, but managed to get a table. Some friends were late by 1 hour (!), as they got lost and managed to go to the Holborn branch instead (despite saying Soho branch!). Staff were really nice about us holding up their table during peak dinner time 7pm onwards and did not rush us to order our food ahead. Birthday girl even got her dinner for free! Everyone really enjoyed food and filling - tried chicken as recommended by previous reviews and not let down. Suggest ordering a small with a side, as friends who ordered a large all struggled. Also great atmosphere - basic decor, but great little find!


I LOVE this place. I went to the Wardour Street branch on the day it opened years ago and have been going back at least once a week ever since. Has to be one of the best value places to get lunch in London. The hummus is a delight, topped with a wide range of tasty toppings. I don't eat wheat and the gluten free bread (toasted) is delicious. The side dishes, especially the smokey aubergine, are fantastic and the staff are always a delight. I have a massive appetite and a regular bowl fills me up .. Seriously good food at a seriously low price. Bravo!


First of all I don't think I really like the concept and I don't find it cheap either. A small bowl of humus with something on top for 6 pounds? Why? Just because it is supposed to be laid-back? No thanks. I ended up taking a wrap which was decent but again overpriced. The staff were really tired and they were responding with nods rather than words. I don't think I'll go back soon.


even though i could have afforded anything i want, i stumbled into this place & ate like a king for the cost of a bowl of soup. everything fresh & a perfect change of atmosphere as we met people from all over the world


only decent cheap eat in London. I come back every time I come to the city.. fantastic, and worth every penny. unpretentious, delicious food.


I was excited about this restaurant since I love hummus, it's near work, it has take-out, and it offered quite a few vegan options. Unfortunately, this was the worst hummus I've ever eaten—even the junk they sell in the market is better. The flavour tasted like egg yolk. The "sauteéd" mushrooms were little more than whole mushrooms soaked in equally disappointing dark sauce with a strange aftertaste. The pitta bread was a bit unusual in texture, but perhaps the highlight of my meal. And the crowing glory? Turns out the hummus was rotten! Well, let me clarify: when I got the hummus, it was old (and sitting out for who knows how long), but not yet rotten. Since I couldn't manage to eat the whole thing at lunch, I put the container in the fridge so I could spice it up later. When I opened it up for dinner, the whole thing reeked as though it'd had been composting for weeks. Mind you, this fridge tends to freeze my food, so the temperature wasn't too warn. All in all a very disappointing experience. I would highly recommend avoiding at all costs.


Couldn't finish even half of my plate. It was by far the worst Hummus I have eaten in my life. I am absolutely certain that the positive reviews below have been written by the folks who work there.


the staff is very nice and the food is tasty. I would recommend it !


hummus is very delicious and even if you don't like hummus, there are many other dishes you could have. The hot Apple Juice is also delicious.


The worst hummus I have ever tasted; It was bland and the texture was awful too. The staff were miserable and the place was grubby. We went out of our way to get some food from here; I wish we hadn't bothered. We wont be back.


Horrible Hummus - if it's in the name you expect that they would at least get that bit right?! Bland paste with a weird after taste.

Fred Jones

Loved this place. The hummus with beef (slow cooked and very tender) and guacamole was amazing. The pitta bread was warm, fresh and fluffy. The Greek salad was the best I've eaten in London. Don't forget to order the mint and ginger lemonade and Malabi dessert - both excellent also.


I'm not sure if this place deserves five stars. It is just actually a huge bowl of hummus with guacamole etc. Looks much more exciting than it actually is. The hummus from Phoenicia in Kentish Town tastes better than this.


Have to agree with the negative reviews. Hummus was a bland puree and the concept just doesn't seem to work. Chick peas on hummus? Guacamole on hummus? For £10 a pop as well. I would rather go to a supermarket and buy a tub of hummus and a carrot.


You people clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Take it from a veritable connoisseur of hummus - Hummus Bros is not only home to some of the best hummus around but it is also at the forefront of one of the most remarkable concepts ever to hit the London restaurant scene. A restaurant? Solely for hummus? Genius. To those of you who have a bad word to say about this quintessential chickpea Mecca, I despair of you. Especially you Woody, if a bad batch of hummus can 'ruin your day' you probably need to take a good long look at yourself.


Amazing concept...horrible horrible Hummus. I'm from Cyprus so my entire family makes Hummus...I make I guess I can say I'm a good judge of the stuff. After eating there I was almost offended. I'm shocked the place has paying customers....


fantastic concept but probably the worst Hummus I've ever had. It tasted like gritty peanut butter mixed with socks. It had no taste of chickpeas, tahini or garlic and a horrible texture. Generally if you name your restaurant after an ingredient, you had better make sure you do it well. Stick to the supermarket brands...

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It's a great restaurant for people who don't like Hummus. The fact that they serve the garlic and lemon separately (in case you don’t like those sole ingredients in your hummus) sums it up! Sloppy chickpea mush: truly dreadful.