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Westbourne Grove

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>2</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Manzara 24 Pembridge Road
    W11 3HL

  • Venue phone:

    020 7727 3062

  • Opening hours:

    Meals served 8am-1am Mon-Wed; 8am-3am Thur-Sat; 9am-midnight Sun.

  • Transport:

    Tube: Notting Hill Gate tube

  • Price:

    Main courses £6.75-£9.95. Set meal £13.95 2 courses incl drink.

  • Map

    1. Manzara
      • 24 Pembridge Road
        W11 3HL
      • 020 7727 3062
      • 51.509454,-0.196939

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2.3 / 5

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jon bailey

normally i love this takeaway but my 1st bad experience in 5 years - my girlfriend wished to use the loo and the owner said it was being cleaned - after a while the owner accused her of 'looking funny' at him and then an argument emsued during which i was called a c*nt at least 5 times...i love the staff, i love the food but seriously consider going if you are a female- zero respect.


This restaurant was very inviting, however a 8£ sitting fee that was ridiculous! A family of 4 and we end up paying 32£ just to sit in this restraunt and eat. Really ridiculous prices and no kids menu. Wish I'd known about this sitting fee I would not have bothered to eat here.


bistro prices for lower than builder's caff quality! I could bet their toast is Tesco economy!


I first came to this restaurant a year ago and ever since then, I always stop by on my way to the church on Sunday mornings. They have the nicest Borek (spinach and feta filo pastry) and I always get that! After church my friends and I return for some more Borek! Staff are lovely and always friendly. This place surely has quality food and is relatively cheap. I highly recommend Manzara for their fast and lovely service!


One of my favourite restaurants (I'm local to the area) - at the price, it's hard to beat. Obviously, it's possible for anywhere to have a bad day but I've never had one here. The pides, in particular, are enormous and very good value and I absolutely love the mixed starter platter. (The last time I was there, the service was friendly and attentive and the staff had no problem with two of us sharing one starter and one main.)


I love this place. People here are great. I often stop in after work to have a Börek. They have pizzas, pastries and some other Turkish food as well. Obviously, if you want your full English breakfast, a Turkish restaurant may not be ideal... I usually do not eat in as I use it as fast food stop. Böreks are £2.95, and the place are open until late. Friday-Sunday until 03:00.

Angela Flinkman

I used to pop in to this cafe by NH Gate on my way to work in the mornings for a lovely fresh croissant or pain au chocolate. At the time they didn't do takeaway coffees, so I'd have to go next door to Starbucks for my caffeine fix. Good news is that they now offer coffees to go, bad news is that their menu seems to have gotten quite expensive! From the minute I saw the prices I had a bad feeling, and should've just got up and walked out! A standard English breakfast was £6.95, as well as the American, which is what I had my eye on since it came with pancakes and bacon. It also came with a waffle which I wasn't interested in as I have a smaller appetite. I asked the server, if I had the American without the waffle would it be slightly cheaper? She wasn't sure so she grabbed the other guy working, he came over and said I could have it without the waffle, but could get extra pancake or bacon instead for the same price. Which completely defeated the purpose of having a smaller meal! I said fine, in that case I would get the scrambled eggs with toast at £5.45, which I thought was still way too much but was fine with out of hunger. He asked if I wanted white or brown toast, I said brown, and ordered a coffee as well. When my original server came out with my meal and I saw the white toast, I was quick to let her know I'd actually ordered brown. When she started walking away with it to get it changed my hunger said "nevermind!" and told her I'd eat it anyway. To which she replied sorry, sorry! I said no worries, it's fine, and started to dig in. A minute later she comes up and says, oh, he's making brown toast for you, to which I replied, again, It's fine, please tell him not to make it. Another minute later she appears, with brown bread on a plate (which may have been toasted for all of 20 seconds), and says, he made it anyway, sorry. So while I appreciate the fact that they tried to correct their mistake (really, it's just toast, no biggie), the thing I was most upset with was when I went to pay and realised they charge VAT on TOP of their already high prices and I ended up paying £9.12 (YES, REALLY) for the most basic of meals. I could've went to any of the other cafes in the area (Le Pain, Tom's, even Ottolenghi!) and had better quality, options, service, and atmosphere for around the same price (or even cheaper!). Needless to say, I didn't tip, as the whole experience was so under-par it was ridiculous. On a side-note, there was a man who sat down and ordered a tea and received a which the server (same girl) said, oh, sorry sorry! And when she went to take it away he said, nevermind I'll drink it anyway. When he went to pay his bill, she had actually charged him for the cappuccino because he drank it! Don't think he was impressed either! All-in-all a bad experience, and I definitely won't be returning! Hate to say it but will probably just end up at Starbucks next time...