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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5
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  • Address:

    Meat Market The Mezzanine
    Tavistock Street
    WC2E 8BE

  • Cross Street:

    Jubilee Market Hall

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  • Opening hours:

    Mon-Sat 11.30am-11pm; Sun 11.30am-10pm

  • Transport:

    Tube: Covent Garden

  • Price:

    Main courses £6.50-£8.50.Meal for two with drinks and service: around £30

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    1. Meat Market

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What can I say?! MEAT joy / joyful sloppy MEAT! Tucked up at the back of Jubilee Market in Covent Garden, this place is informal, speedy, gritty, and immeasurably tasty - the chilli cheese fries feature in my dreams, the jalapeño poppers are bites of oozing goodness, the burgers are double-pattied, pink and juicy, and [I'm told] the root beer floats are deliciously nostalgic. Think more urban fast food joint than restaurant (it certainly doesn't pretend to be anything else!), and be prepared for a slice of self-service and you'll be fine. It's an epic concept, a grand addition to the MEAT demi-empire and a regular dirty treat for me! Read more  @theTRUsocial


Been to meatliquor and loved it, but this, as the other reviewers have alluded to is just not the same and left me wishing for more. I had the philly cheese steak and chilli fries. The cheese steak was just overly onioned and the chilli fries were good, but just didnt seem as good as those from meatliquor. The beers on offer were awful, plain old lagers that all taste the same. Get some decent beers on, get rid of some of the onions and it should be better.

Mathew Davies

Heard good things and left disappointed. The fries were expensive and covered in too much salt, they're nothing above fries you're getting in McDonalds or KFC. I had also had the "dead hippie" burger (I think) and again, too much topping (cheese) which completely devoid the consumer of tasting any meat. I enjoyed MEATliqour, so to come here was a bit of a shock. Wouldn't bother.


too try hard, chips just taste like salt, burger tastes of onion, RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED


Seriously overhyped, soggy crap. Had better in a 80s fish and chip shop and felt dirty afterwards. This kind of food should stay in a van beside the road where it belongs. It tasted no better than McDs, fell apart, dripped and tasted only of onions. There seems to be a ridiculous trend of making things as unhealthy and unruly as possible, more a statement than a meal. The fries were bland and totally overpriced (£3) and at the till they offer those or chilli fries, not mentioning anywhere that chilli fries are actually chilli con carne in a long aluminium tray, layered with fries then layered with cheese and mustard. A meal for two in itself and not something that should be offered as an alternative to plain fries. We sent those back. Cheeky up-sell. Whoever writes these positive reviews needs to raise their standards. Hopefully the quality of food will then follow. But it's trendy right! The con rolls on.


burger and poppaz was really awesome, best tasting burgers I've had in London. Beware girls, I can never normally finish a big burger, but this tasted so good that I sat for an hour and willed myself to finish it - but the rest of the night as well as this morning I've been suffering! so it is great, but don't let that blind you to your stomach's capacity!

Peat Monster

Good, but did not live up to the hype. Ordered the Black Palace Burger. The meat was a little hard and chewy, quite greasy (I suppose it was fried). Much better quality meat at Byron, and char-grilled, which I prefer the taste of. The fries were about 3x too salty. All that being said, it wasn't terrible, was actually pretty good, just not as good as I was expecting and a shame that a big chain like Byron produces better tasting burgers.

Don't believe the hype!

overpriced and too cool for school im afraid 21 quid in total for a hot dog ( the ripper) so deep fried impossible to bite through and with no cutlery you go hungry! burger was ok but not the best,poppers and fries. seats available were duly lacking and fill refills on the soda only good thing as we shared a drink but still look at the cost! wont be returning!


I thought it was really bad. The burger was huge but the meat was tasteless. It left you with that phlegm-y feeling afterwards but without the 'burger thrill' you normally get. Atmosphere wise, it felt very 'ironic hoxton' and the vibe was not conductive to a nice dining experience, it felt a bit hollow and like you weren't really in on the joke. It was hugely expensive too we felt ripped off after we left. It felt like going to Wimpy but triple the price! Also I saw one of the staff who was cooking the food digging his teeth. AVOID.