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When Maltby Street opened, it was emphatically not a street market. More a collection of rented railway arches with wholesalers experimenting in Saturday opening to the public, over time the offering has diversified and it became more like a mini Borough Market with stalls and plenty of snacking. Thanks to this, and the offer of a long lease further down the road at Spa Terminus, some of the original traders have set up at the newer Spa Terminus with an even greater emphasis on the original ethos. This development is set to grow.

England Preserves, Monmouth Coffee

©Celia Topping

Prepared on site, the smell of simmering fruit wafts alluringly out of Unit 2. England Preserves source their fruit as locally as possible – like soft fruits from Essex or apples and pears from Chegworth Valley in Kent – then don’t let them reach boiling point so that they have a fuller fruity flavour.   

The well-respected coffee shop and roastery Monmouth Coffee have moved their retail operation from 34-36 Maltby Street (now used for production) to Spa Arches where they’re selling their single estate and co-operative grown beans, as well as serving take-away coffees from 8am-noon on Saturdays. The original site will be used for production purposes.

Unit 1-3 Spa Arches/Road, SE16 4EJ.

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