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    Steax and the City 3 St. George Wharf
    SW8 2LE

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    £26 to £40

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    1. Steax and the City
      • 3 St. George Wharf
        SW8 2LE
      • 02077356801x
      • 51.485534,-0.125868

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William B
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I have done work for Steax and the City and have yet to be paid. The CEO Danny is not of good character and I would advise against all doing business with him for credit in the future.

Den C
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We wanted so much to love this place, but it was an expensive and unpleasant experience from the start: from the mice running up and down the terrace, the unavailable items on the menu and the wine list, to the unacceptable amount of time to get the food. They even had ran out of bread. The staff was just standing there and ignoreing us. The bearnaise was cold and solid. To add insult to injury, they still put on the bill the starter they ran out of.

A real shame, especially at £45 a head.

Bebbie W
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Well where do I start.  Ordered two steaks, both with chips.  The chips, which were about a handful had been re-fried and were dry, and as for the steak, it was a very poor standard..My partner refused to eat it, which is a shock in itself.   Be aware that they have two weights for their steak... 100g & 200g.. we only found this out when our bill came.. which was 54.95,  for 2 x steak & Chips, a pint of Peroni, and a lemonade. Turns out we had a 200g steak each, which confused me, as on the menu it said it was just over £11, we got charged and extra £10 each for that crap bit of steak, hence the reason we didn't bother ordering another drink.  The waiter service was crap as well.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat on the terrace..3 guys just stood staring at us the whole time... inside of the restaurant is very nicely decorated, BUT..don't let your eyes deceive you.. next time I get a boat back to Vauxhall and I'm feeling peckish, I'll stick to the Riverside. I'll give them one star because they really don't deserve more.

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Described as an "American themed steakhouse fusion with Japanese kitchen", although there wasn't much Japanese about it apart from a couple of the starters. One being a misspelt "Miso Soup" (they called it "Misu"), which in Japanese would be ミス meaning "Miss/Fail/Lose", which amusingly enough is precisely what they did. First came the drinks orders, for which we tried a couple of their classic cocktails, which were quite pleasant, but priced a bit above-average at £9 each. We ordered the "Edamame" for a light starter, and yet for some reason the waiter felt a need to bring a knife and fork for it. Now it's been a while since I lived in Japan, but I'm pretty sure they are of little use for extracting edamame beans. Furthermore, when it came to bringing us the food, the waiter did get a bit lost and had to ask us if these were our starters after having a bit of a wander round looking for someone who looked like they were waiting for a starter. On to the main course, the steaks themselves were actually very good, as you'd hope from a "steax" restaurant, but sadly it's not usual to dine on steaks alone, and the chips that accompanied the steak tasted like badly cooked "McCain Oven Fries". The "Asparagus with chilli" as a side was also pretty bland and tasteless. Following the perceived debacle earlier, we decided to skip dessert, despite still feeling hungry and both unsatisfied and dissatisfied, and promptly headed home to cook something else to make up for it. The meal came to an average of £38.25 each, with all diners only having 1 drink each, and including the 12.5% service charge. Note: They do not take American Express! I really wanted to like this restaurant, especially being in such a convenient location. Sadly the only positive experiences were that the décor was nice and modern, with slight Lady Gaga-esque chandeliers, and some (but for some reason, not all) of the staff were very nicely turned out in an elegant suit and tie. Unfortunately, the plain-clothed waitress we had serving us didn't seem all that attentive either, so I can't praise the service either. A very disappointing night.

Clive K

Ghastly place. 

Great location but service the worst ever. 

Was served a bottle of white wine which was warm and ended up arguing with the management for 20 minutes before deciding to leave. 

Was charged for the wine and crisps which never arrived.  

Avoid at all costs!


Interior and the location is amazing. But that's all. 

This restaurant's foods are not worth to spend money on. Moreover the staffs inside were trying to avoid customers when they were busy. I had to wait 30 min for one table for two person. And they were annoyed when the restaurants are filled with customers.


Noisy, smelly, rude, out of the way.

The noise from drunken louts shouting all evening is unbearable. The stink emanating from the kitchen suggests deep fry oil has not been changed in months, rude staff on the phone. Nothing around other than residential buildings. Not exactly an area for going out. Avoid at all cost.

Danny S

Hi everyone,

Before you choose to go eat there, please pay attention all around the area.

I have been there couple of times as I know one of the staff who work there and the food is not that great, service is ok and most of them keep standing like bodyguard.. Most of the chefs are always on their mobile phones...

No sign to the rest room which is found upstairs, had to ask someone

Food and drinks was good but not extravaganza and a bit expensive, compare to the 2 other restaurants on the side( aqua&waterside)

The only thing which we really found nice was the hazelnut brownies, my gf loved it ..(she said it tasted better before,when we first came couple of month ago)

Except from some mice problem, and some unprofessional chef working there which I saw with my own eyes, I adore the interior decor, so one star

Real shame

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Like a submarine appearing out of no where, Steax in the City has pulled the same trick. I have stumbled across it from my walks through St Georges Wharf each day as I head to the gym (Ok each day is probably wishful thinking then anything else!). It caught my eye because the restaurant signage from a certain angle appears as SEX, but really it says StEaX... Anyway - you probably have to see it to know what I mean. So after closer scrutiny and confirming that some adult shop had not randomly opened in St Georges Wharf, I realized that it was the next best thing... A Modern American Steak House (MASH - which I believe this one is related to MASH in Soho). After tough gym session on Friday night, we decided to give it a go and take on some real natural protein as opposed to the usual powdery shake. Perhaps it was the first few weeks and the fact that no one really knows it's there apart from the locals meant that it was pretty quiet. It could also be the NYE hangover, but we were seated immediately. On first impressions, it a place that I would probably dress up for because everything is feels and looks really fancy. But being a local restaurant, I got by in t-shirt and jeans even though there were plenty of tie wearing restauranteurs, but I am sure that the dim lights help with that. The place has a full bar and the first menu that we got was a cocktail list, but we were keen for the protein so we requested the dinner menu straight away. The dinner menu had a good range of starters and salads, a range of fish choices, a burger and of course a range of steak cuts from Sirloins to Australian Wagyu beef. Each cut of steak was a priced at the minimum 100g and you got to chose the weight you wanted. The prices for the steak were comparable with Goodmans and from memory, probably a little higher than Gauchos (which I don't rate). My approach to trying new restaurants is to try something cheap and basic and see how they do with it and if they do that well, I go back for more. So I picked the Steak Cheese Burger whilst the GF (who doesn't go with my approach) picked the Sirloin (200g medium rare).. The steaks come with hand cut, double cooked chips as a standard and we also ordered the avocado salad and some bread for starters. The bread for £3 was nice but nothing to write about, the salad portion was small but extremely tasty and perfectly plated. As for the mains - my burger was excellent and couldn't fault it. I liked the fact that the burger had more than just cheese, but also had a heirloom or beef tomato (whatever it was, it was big and not some Tesco tomato) in it with red onion. In terms of the Sirloin ... it was delicious. I only got one bite, but it was the melt in your mouth kind of steak that was perfectly cooked (as requested) both in the middle and outside of the steak. It had natural flavors with no need for anything else. The cut was lean and there certainly weren't any left over chewy bits. So overall, the experience was on the more pricey end for a local restaurant, but I can certainly see this one being one that people would travel for and definitely a good alternative to a protein shake...