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    Brooks and Brooks 13-15 Sicilian Avenue
    WC1A 2QH

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    020 7405 8111

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    Open 9am-7pm Mon, Tue; 9am-7.30pm Wed; 9am-8.30pm Thur; 9am-8pm Fri; 9.30am-6pm Sat; 11am-5pm Sun

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    Tube: Holborn tube

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    1. Brooks and Brooks

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STAY AWAY from this salon!!!! I went to have a haircut yesterday with Ben. I have long hair and when he asked me how I feel about it I said "I love it". During the hair cut he seemed to be struggling with it saying that its tons of hair and so on. After he finished the front looked nice enough, but nothing special (I have had far better haircuts in the past in other hair salons) the back looked ok but I was not crazy about it. The next day having seen it properly I realised he had cut some horrible layers that are sticking out and instead of cutting very little as we had agreed he had taken off almost 10 cm from the back and left a big gap between the layers and the rest of the hair. I specifically told him I want a low maintenance haircut. The way he cut it it will only look just about passable if I blow dry and style it every time. Disappointing experience, horrible hairstylist who gets paid £80 to make the hair look worse than before it was cut. They would have to pay me that amount of money to come out looking like that and I would not accept it. Would not recommend it!

Katelyn L

I had a haircut with Kayleigh today and it was a great experience! I had to cancel my appointment last minute and they easily rescheduled me. I was also late today and they were so understanding, unlike most salons. Kayleigh was super nice and I would highly recommend her and the salon to anyone looking for a great haircut in a nice and inviting atmosphere! 


Emma did a wonderful Jon with my hair which is quite difficult as it is curly-she is a very talented lady!


I tried this salon based on a recommendation from a friend and I'm very pleased to say it was worth it! I've got really fine, hard to manage hair which I've been highlighting for years and wanted a change. I talked through some options with John who is one of the senior colourists there and kind of let him go for it- I'm so pleased with the result, he got it spot on despite my vague instructions! Caroline also did an incredible job cutting my hair and gave me some very helpful tips on how to style it day to day and what products would be best. Will be back again for sure.


Can't say how long I’ve been coming here but for def almost a century! Caroline is the best-rewards handsomely and thanks for the cake!


Fabulous place My faverite Fabulous place My faverite hair salonwith fantastic service. Ben is the best, always leaves me happy!B Love my hair !


Can't say how long I have been coming here but def I'm on a century!! Caroline is the best- reward handsomely + thanks for the cake


I have been using this salon with all my family for over 10 YEARS!!!!! I would never EVER use anyone else. It is a centre of excellance; a truely fabulous place

Miss Petar

I come to Brooks and Brooks whenever I am in London and I always recieve a good service. Also AMAZING blowdries!!!!


Thanks to Rosie for my fantastic new haircut. Absolutely love it. You've made me really happy


Thank you to Ben and John for being so wonderful, I am so lucky!


Best colour ever! and i did'nt really know what i wanted but sophia, as ever figured it out and made my ropey mop look fabulous!


SAlly is proberbly the best hairdresser in London! Totally trust her to cut and style my hair. John is an amazing colourist. My hair has never been better!


Brilliant-worked with exactly what i wanted and listened and listened to my concerns. Might of wanted to see a colour swatch beforehand.


I've always hated my hair, but Sophia made me feel so at ease i looked at options i have never thought of before. She made small changes to build my confidence and now I don’t even have to say anything- she just knows. My colour is beautiful. Thank you Sophia! Anna Jenkins (Friday appointments, teacher)

Benjamin  Whitehill

My first visit to Brooks & Brooks had a lasting impression. I was welcomed with a warm smile and treated like a valued client. The salon has a relaxed atmosphere and is blessed with motivated and passionate stylists. Clayton is a detailed and professional stylist with a positive and creative approach to his work. I loved my Brooks experience and will be returning for another Clay cut!

Joseph Woodard

I am very particular about my hair and tend to feel let down most of the time I get my hair cut. However Rosie at brooks and brooks was excellent, she listened to what I wanted and built upon my ideas and I ended up with a really great haircut.


Balliage saved my life -as did Sophia! I don't really like having my hair done, well, i didn't until i met Sophia. I always ended up much blonder than i wanted to be. I don't think I'm an easy customer to be honest. But when i met Sophia 3 years ago i have really relaxed. I now have my hair highlighted with a balliage technique. i hated sitting for hours with lots of foil and i hated how much it cost, not to mention how blond it was! Balliage means I'm in and out in an hour and a half, I'm a soft natural blonde for the first time in my life and it costs me less! i get a full head for the price of a half head! Now my daughter comes to Brooks and Brooks and my husband!


Wanting a new look I decided to try Brooks and Brooks. The atmosphere in the salon was friendly and relaxed. I was booked with Taku. After a brief consultation, we decided that my hair would benefit from a colour and luckily John was free to do this, while I was treated to tea and biscuits! Then back to Taku for a fantastic new hairstyle. He explained to me how to maintain the style....but I have found the cut is so good that it needs little help from me! This is the best haircut I have had in a long while and I've had many compliments from friends and family. Taku is an experienced and extremely talented stylist and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Susan Wells

Had a great experience at Brooks & Brooks, the salon has a very professional, yet relaxed feel. I was desperate for a new style and was recommended by a friend to see Kim Rance. Kim gave me a fantastic new style, showed me how to style it myself and also showed me products to suit my thick hair. Kim was really lovely and helpful with any questions I had. I am now recommending the salon and especially Kim to all my friends.

Charlene lopes

After doing loads of research online RE brazillian blow dry and the best salons to go with, it was between this one and 3 others. Before I start let me say that I am mixed race and have naturally curly hair. When I had called the very friendly receptionist advised because its my first time at the salon, I must come for a consulation. This I really appreciated because I needed to be sure that they could deal with my hair. The following day arrived and was greeted, quickly introduced to Valerie and offered me a coffee. The treatment was amazing! And Valerie explained every process and procedure while we had some great convo... The problem for me came when I was to have my hair styled. As an experienced salon, winning countless awards, you would think they would know how to deal with all times of hair. The stylist Emma, seemed completely uncomfortable with my texture and didn't know the first thing about how to deal with my hair. At one point I had to take over.... Although I left with a good treatment, I did not get that salon finish/look when I walked out. Considering the price I paid, I now have to go home and straighten and style my hair myself. This was a real let down as I had high hopes for this place. Would not be going back.

Geri Greene

I am really fussy about my hair but have no problem putting it in the hands of Sophia at Brooks + Brooks. I love the atmosphere in the salon it’s always buzzing and located in Sicilian Avenue it’s a perfect central London location.


Love this salon - Russell is my usual stylist and he is a no fuss great cutter - perfect - would definitely recommend


Had a good haircut with Fern, she asked me what kind of look I preferred, did a nice blow dry/finish. She didn't seem too friendly/a bit of attitude but I boiled it down to personal style. But I did sort of feel like I was the one doing all the smiling and trying to make the appointment pleasant. For 45 pounds I'd like some kind and friendly service as well. Also went in for the complimentary fringe trim most salons offer, she was very brisk, sort of butchered the fringe making it choppy and uneven. When she finished, just walked off, no eye contact, smile or anything. I do think it is an excellent salon but if I go back, I'd go with a different stylist.