Bradley Wiggins: interview



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Cyclist Bradley Wiggins OBE won three medals at Athens 2004, and has just won two golds at the Beijing 2008 Olympics; he's one of Time Out London’s 40th birthday heroes

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    How does it feel to be a Time Out hero?

    ‘Very honoured. I was born in Belgium but we moved to Kilburn when I was one, so Time Out has always been in the background of my life. I remember Time Out sponsored a cycling team once – London Dynamo.’

    Who are your London heroes?

    ‘Paul Weller. I know he was born near Woking but everyone thinks of him as a Londoner. This comes from my love of The Jam, and the whole Carnaby Street/mod/’60s scene. I started to discover his influences, which took me back to bands like Small Faces, The Kinks and The Who. Then I found out about their history and that took me back to soul music.’

    What’s your favourite place in London?

    ‘I began cycling round the Serpentine because it was the only closed route in London where I could ride traffic-free. I’ve always liked Hyde Park, so when the Tour went down there last year it was a very personal experience.’

    What’s your favourite moment in London?

    ‘Last year’s prologue to the Tour de France. Coming down the Mall to finish was phenomenal, but the most memorable moment was going round Hyde Park Corner. The noise was incredible. The spectators were great, they stood there all day and cheered everyone.’

    What’s the future for sport in London?

    ‘The 2012 Olympics is a fantastic incentive for everyone to help leave a sporting legacy and show that Britain is truly a great sporting nation. We’ve had the piss taken out of us for too long, and whenever we did win something it was always put down to individual talent. Now we have systems in place across all sports. Beijing showed that we’re actually pretty good.’

    What does Time Out mean to you?

    ‘Growing up, the newsagents round my way in Kilburn all had Time Out on their shopfronts. The logo is a London icon.’
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