Brixton Village Market: restaurants and cafes

Watch our video introductions to the restaurants and cafés that are Brixton Village Market's star players



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Federation Coffee © Tricia de Courcy Ling

Brixton Village Market has become the destination for budget eating in south London. Take Time Out’s video tour of the covered market’s restaurants and cafés and get acquainted with its friendly faces. Hopefully you'll feel inspired to pay them a visit yourself.

Once a rundown arcade, Brixton Village Market is now home to more than 20 new cafés, restaurants and takeaways and has become Brixton's culinary and cultural hub. On Thursday and Friday nights the market is open late and to the delight of customers there is live music and a wide selection of international cuisine on offer, as well as a warm, community atmosphere. Find all four videos of Time Out's favourite restaurants and cafés using the links below.

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Users say


Amazing place with a great atmosphere and some great bars and restaurants. Finally there are great places to eat and drink in Brixton and people are friendly.


A hidden paradise for cheap restaurants! I love the atmosphere there!


Talking today to a West Indian owner of a shop in the so called yuppie arcade, she was saying the local people had a chance to rent these shops rent free for three months but they could not be bothered! She did and is now reaping the benefits. It's not about it being twee, trust me I hate yuppies too ! It's about breaking down the barriers between races and having a good time ! I was brought up in Brixton, so know all about why do you want a West Indian ghetto created again? Grow up and realise Brixton is not yours, it's everyone's whatever the race or colour of their skin !

Tell it
Tell it

The 'cultural hub' of Brixton is not the new looking arcade! The culture has been pushed out of Brixton by the stupefied rabble of yuppies and hipsters who think that they have their collective finger on some kind of pulse. The West Indian people are shocked by the transformation of a once thriving centre for music and community, so before you winkle picker wearing, leather satchel carrying idiots start feeling brave enough to go where you are not wanted in the first place, do some fucking research! These trendy arseholes with their sub zero continental toast shops which require BLANKETS are pushing the rent up in this area so that real traders are finding it difficult to survive think about that next time you are eating your overpriced but oh so twee mess.

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