Cans Festival Part 2 – street art recycled



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For this 'recycled' version of the original street art festival, the organisers have let a load of new artists and graffiti crews loose on the same tunnel in Waterloo. The result is striking - the space is completely reworked with the focus more on street art in its purest form and less on more populist stencil work. A bold move, and one that sets it apart from its previous incarnation

  • Key pieces include work by ATG, the London-based graf stalwarts who put their mark on the tunnel with a Technicolor London taxi, and a huge collective painting of a three-eyed Gordon Brown with the tagline 'Never a frown with Gordon Brown'. Thought-provoking stuff – if you're at a loose end this weekend then head down to Leake St and check out this street art 'hall of fame' while you have the chance. Alternatively, see their latest work in our picture gallery.

    Photos by Mark Jenkins of

    See our original Cans Festival Tunnel gallery.

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