City cycling clinic

In a weekly series, Fiona McAuslan looks into all things cycling in London, and shares some top tips on riding round the capital on two wheels

  • The right way is the wrong way

    Should more local councils allow cyclists to travel the wrong way down residential streets?

    Motorbikes in cycle lanes

    Is Boris's first bit of road legislation a recipe for suicidal disaster for London's cyclists?

    Tykes on bikes

    Is exposing children to the perils of London's traffic too dangerous?

    Evading kamikaze jaywalkers

    How to kick absent-minded pedestrians back to the kerb

    How cyclists can beat the elements

    Surely when the heavens open, it's time to leave the bike at home?

    Why we need more cycle lanes

    The Olympic Development Authority will be pumping ‘multi millions’ into new cycle lanes – but does the capital really need them?

    Why headphones are for headcases

    Why you need all your senses on two-wheeled trips around the capital

    How to beat bendy buses

    Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of London's cyclists like Ken's bendy buses. Here's how to beat them

    To helmet or not to helmet?

    It's unlikely to save your life in a full-on collision – so why bother?

    How to cycle under the influence

    Should there be a legal limit for cyclists?

    Should cyclists pay road tax?

    The state of London roads is diabolical – so should two-wheelers contribute to their maintenance?

    How to ride the tube with a bike

    The folding bikes that won't cause fuss on the underground

    Why bike cops need to get busy

    Hot-wheeling fuzz: eco-friendly patrol or overgrown prefects in gym kit?

    What to wear on your bike

    With sweat-proof merino wool tops, stylish headgear and reflective ankle cuffs, are London's cyclists trendier than ever?

    When to jump red lights

    Can running lights preserve a cyclist's safety?

    Avoiding the couriers

    Of the various cycle tribes in London, none are more wilfully offensive than cycle couriers. Learn their tricks

    When to ride on the pavement

    Cycling on the pavement in London is illegal, but with so few cycle lanes and increasingly aggressive motorists, why adhere to a law that endangers you?

    Where to leave your bike

    With too few bicycle racks for too many cyclists, isn't it time the capital's pedal pushers we're allowed to lock their bikes to London's many railings?

    How to ride the canals

    How to beat the drinkers, dealers and dog walkers on London's canal paths

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