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  • Motorbikes in cycle lanes

    Boris on a bike was a conspicuous sight on the recent mayoral campaign trail. This ‘man of the people’ stance now stands (or rides) rather at odds with one of the first pieces of legislation likely to be passed, which would allow motorbikes to drive in cycle lanes to aid their safety on the road. This is despite the advice of cycling organisations like London Cycling Campaign, which points out that motorcycles are involved in a greater proportion of collisions per kilometre with cyclists than cars. It’s not just the size of other vehicles that presents problems, it’s also their speed. Sailing along the cycle lane on Bloomsbury Way towards Theobalds Road, I’m confident I can avoid collisions with the relatively slow moving buses in my lane. It’s where the cycle lane vanishes at the junction with Farringdon Road and all vehicles proceed up the incline towards Britton Street that it all goes to pot. With my commuter bike and its Cheerio-sized wheels, I start lagging behind and have to contend with motorcycles pulling out and weaving in front of me for the rest of the ride. In a cycle lane with little room to swerve away, this would be a suicidal slalom. There are few enough places were cyclists’ rights are sacrosanct, but a cycle lane should be inviolate. Fiona McAuslan

    Route rating

    Miles 1 (Bloomsbury Way to Britton St)Average cycle time 10minsCalories burned 102Swerves pulled 3

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