Erol Alkan: interview



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DJ, producer, scene-setter and the man behind the legendary indie club Trash, Erol Alkan is one of our 40th birthday heroes

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    What is London for you?

    ‘For me, it’s elastic. There are so many possibilities here.’

    What is Time Out for you?

    ‘When we began Trash, Time Out was instrumental in being a voice for us merely through the listings. I’ve discovered so many club nights and events or even picking up on gigs through Time Out. It’s essential. It’s one of the last few relevant paper forms of editorial out there.’

    You’ve been chosen as one of Time Out’s heroes. How does it feel?

    ‘Really nice, really flattering. Obviously there could be tens of thousands in there. Boiling it down to 40, it’s really sweet to be one. There are just so many people instrumental, though. Many people play small bit-parts. That’s the great things about London: it isn’t 40 people pulling the weight of it at all. There are hundreds of thousands of people pitching in and making it what it is.’See all Time Out's 40th birthday London heroes


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