Five favourite London lunch venues



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  • Five favourite London lunch venues

    Pork pies at Peyton & Byrne (© Rogan McDonald)

  • Because I am hungry and generous, I thought I'd share my five top London lunch venues within striking distance of Time Out towers on TCR.

    They are, in no particular order.

    1 The wraps place with the name I can't remember, sorry, Brewer Street. In which three fast-working, frighteningly enthusiastic and rather lascivious young men frantically serve superb, bursting wraps to a backdrop of deafening techno. Invigorating and slightly terrifying, especially if you are a female between 16 and 90. It's next to an old-fashioned sweet shop, which makes it a double hitter.

    2 Gourmet Hotdog Company, Berwick Street. I'm generally sceptical of single-issue lunch venues such as Hummus Brothers (get over it everybody, it's just a dip. And anyway, I'll blow them out the water when I get round to opening my World Of Guac franchise), but that's before I discovered the GHC. You want a sausage smothered in pork scratching and mushy pies? Here's where you go. There's also a game element: dare your colleagues to eat the most disgusting combination you can construct from the menu (salmon sausage and baked beans). Also: beautifully ergonomic sausage containers.

    3 Marino's, Rathbone Place. Best for cheap pasta, ciabatta and banter. A fail safe stop gap.

    4 El Burrito, Charlotte Place. After decades of stagnation, London's Tex-Mex scene has finally taken off. First we had the Beach Burrito Bar on Berwick St, which then rebranded to disappointing effect. Now we have this little beauty on Charlotte Place. Excellent burritos, with queues out the door. Top tip: if you don't want to queue, cross Charlotte Street to the Mexican van outside Oxfam where you can get equally good, slightly cheaper but sometimes lukewarm burritos in half the time. Both are considerably more enjoyable than the poncy sit-down 'proper' Mexican place behind Trafalgar Square.

    5 Peyton & Byrne, Heal's, Tottenham Court Road. Good soup, excellent pork pies and cakes to die for. Slightly snotty and the sandwiches are nothing to write home about, but stick to the soup+pie+cake formula and you won't be disappointed.

    What are your favourites? Where should I lunch today?

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