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After Danny Boyle's spectacular Opening Ceremony, all eyes will once again be on the capital as the London 2012 Olympic Games signs off with a Closing Ceremony packed full of live music and performance. With One Direction and the Spice Girls among those rumoured to be taking part, and a crack team behind the show including composer David Arnold and artistic director Kim Gavin, who worked on Take That's 'Circus' tour, London 2012 looks set to say a fitting farewell before the Olympic flame is sent on its way to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games. 

If you're lucky enough to have bagged tickets, the event starts at 9pm, August 12. You should arrive early, however, as there will undoubtedly be queues on the way in. Whether you have a ticket or not, this is an event not to be missed as over 4,000 performers from across the capital join the big name acts in a showcase entitled 'A Symphony of British Music'. In addition to the live music and entertainment, all of the athletes will wave goodbye in unison before the Olympic flame is finally extinguished to signal the end of London 2012.

15 things we learnt at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

  • We made our predictions about what would hopefully be in the Olympic Closing Ceremony and although we were pretty damn close, sadly many of the things on our wish list didn’t materialise. However, we did learn a few valuable life lessons which we wanted to share with you.

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It had never occured to me that somebody was really able to "create" a ceremony even worse than the opening one.Amazing, but they actually did it. So they have my sincere applause for achieving the impossible. This time the queen didnot even bother to show up, she probably had some valuable inside information about the terrible mess she was going to watch and opted to stay at home.Wise woman.


I was speechless.My true admiration to the director of this indescribable show.It must have been really hard to "create" something even worse than the opening ceremony.How did he do it?

James Cullen
James Cullen

Wow! What a thrilling Olympics 2012 Well done London and Team Britain