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    • Photo for “Nick Clegg interview”

      Nick Clegg interview

      Nick Clegg's star performance in the first ever leaders' TV debate dramatically increased the likelihood of a hung parliament, and with it the Liberal Democrats' first chance of a foothold in government since 1945. In the second of our leader profiles, Time Out asks him if his party's ready to step up Read more

  • David Cameron interview

    Call him Dave, call him the new Tony Blair, call him what you want - David Cameron could well be our prime minister after May 6 2010. But what would that mean for Londoners? Time Out takes a tough line with the Tory leader. Read more

  • Muslim swimmers

    Time Out investigates the trend in which many London swimming pools cater to the needs of Muslim and Jewsih swimmers. And asks: are they right to do so? Read more

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