London talent special



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We uncover the secrets of London's talent 'industry' - from tips on getting spotted to sexing up your image, and look at how up and coming stars in different fields face different challenges

  • London's rising stars

    The capital's up-and-coming performers, musicians, writers, sportsmen, artists and DJs

    Hip hop MC and classical violinist swap lives

    Time Out compares the rise of grime MC Lethal Bizzle with classical star Alina Ibragimova

    How the arts use sex to sell
    Can you still reach super stardom if you lack the looks?

    The art world's addiction to novelty
    Is an obsession with spotting the next big thing denying artists the time they need to develop their talent?

    Theatre's not-so-secret agents
    How does the new blood get from keen wannabe to star of stage and screen? We meet the people who help make it happen.

    The internet's DIY film directors
    The internet offers an open showcase for budding film directors. But will the next Bergman really be found on YouTube?

    On the street with London's model scouts
    Time Out stalks the capital with a top model scout in search of the next Kate.

    Class divides at sport's grass roots
    The changing nature of ground-level London sport.

    Interview with comedienne Sharon Horgan
    Talented TV comedy writer Sharon Horgan on getting a career off the ground.


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