London Through A Moving Lens: 1960s special

  • 1 Cracking American trail for 1967's 'Smashing Time', starring Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham as a pair of 'switched-on birds' in London.

    2 A slightly different look at the Swinging Sixties from 'Up The Junction'. This scene was filmed in the Pavilion in Battersea.

    3 'IN Gear', a 1967 American newsreel, seeks scenes of outrageous grooviness in the capital.

    4 London's skinhead movement of I969 was an explicit rejection of hippie idealism

    5 Finally, a clip from the brilliant 1960s exploitation flick 'Primitive London' looking at the seedy world of Soho strippers. This film has just been reissued on DVD - check it out.

    Last week's films - London coppers from George Dixon to Jill Gascoigne - here.

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