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    6 Rainbow Heights/Little Soho

    Where is it? Columbia Road, and surrounding streets.Who lives there? Formerly full of artists and students, the area has become very gay – a dormitory town for same-sex DINKYs (double income, no kids).What’s it like? Bursting with chi-chi bars and pubs .Where do they hang out?At outposts of the Trois Garcons empire, which includes a restaurant, bar and two furniture shops.

    7 Petty France

    Where is it?Encompasses the Mare Street/Redchurch Street quadrant (from the top of Bethnal Green Road, extending towards Hackney City Farm).Who lives there?Hundreds of French fashion and art students, as well as bankers and entrepreneurs.What’s it like?Stylishly Gallic.Where do they hang out?The Trois Garcons’ cocktail bar, Lounge Lover, and Bistroteque.


    8 Rocklands

    Where is it? The Lewisham, Deptford and New Cross triangle.Who lives there? Artists, musicians and comedians who loosely base themselves around the self-styled Music Tourist Board.What’s it like? Loud. MTB gigs/plays/happenings take place in a variety of venues in the area. Plus, there’s an annual festival.Where do they hang out?New Cross Inn in Deptford and the Dirty South club in Lewisham.


    9 Buddhaville

    Where is it?Evelyn ward, on the border of Deptford High Street in Lewisham.Who lives there?The ward has the largest proportion of Buddhist residents (4.4 per cent) of any in London.What’s it like?Quiet – they’re all meditating.
    Where do they hang out?
    On still summer nights you can spot them levitating above Lewisham shopping centre.

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