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    New power generation: Danielle Scutt

    Clothes and accessories

    Danielle Scutt, 25Who is she?A wisp of a designer, clad in low-slung jeans and lots of gold chains, with a string of ideas and her own new feminist agenda. A south Londoner, she has a BA in fashion from Ravensbourne College of Design and graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in womenswear last year. ‘I wanted to be a designer since I was born,’ says Scutt, who spent her teens breaking away from the norm. ‘When everyone else was wearing bomber jackets, I was wearing a duffel coat.’

    Her work
    Scutt is purveying a new form of sporty glamour with her slinky silhouette, strong colour and prints, and meticulous attention to detail. She continues to be contrary using bold pattern, such as a fetching jumbo leopard print, and creating subversive, powerful clothes: ‘I like the idea of powerful women, doing well in the workplace, but not having to dress like men.’

    Clothes from her spring-summer 2007 collection, which she’ll show at LFW as part of the Fashion East line-up, include printed T-shirts with rolled-up sleeves and metallic trimmings; denim print skirts and jackets with frothy ruffles, inspired by chicken plumage; lamé, rose-coloured trousers and raunchy frocks with a 1940s edge. Her colour palette of red, navy, black and bubble-gum pink is simple but effective.

    What does London mean to her?
    ‘I love the diversity and acceptance in London that you don’t really find anywhere else in the world, but it does mean that a lot of annoying people are allowed to slip through the net.’ Like who? ‘Those Hoxton wankers who look ridiculous and think they are hot stuff.’

    Design philosophy ‘I want to create a powerful image that empowers the wearer, asserts sexuality though remains elegant and wearable.As a whole look, the outfits look fiercely commanding, but when worn as separates the look becomes softer while retaining that striking quality.’

    Where can I buy her stuff? You’ll have to wait until next spring before you can buy the Scutt label in London.

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