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  • Bake-offs!

    No longer the preserve of village fêtes, competitive cake-making is now a part of the eclectic Viva Cake club scene. The Viva Cake Bitches gave us their tips on what makes a winning cake: ‘The winners at our last bake off were the Superette ladies, with their lipstick/lightning bolt cake in the shape of their logo with hot pink and sparkly black fondant icing and angel cake sponge inside. Quite something to behold! They had obviously put the hours and consideration into making something truly spectacular. ‘The standard tends to be quite varied, from a strawberry and banana cheesecake to a specially made ‘Viva Cake’ tribute cake and even one in the shape of a little house.

    ‘Cup cakes aren’t great as an entry and puddings don’t count either as we generally try and judge on an equal whole cake basis. The better cakes are the ones that make a real effort with their originality in choice of ingredients (something classic with a twist or something that sounds like it wouldn’t work, but does) and also obviously decoration and cakes that show that some genuine thought has been given.’ Get your oven mitts on now.
    The next ‘Viva Cake’ is on Oct 7 at St Aloysius Social Club.

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