Notting Hill Carnival 2012



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• The Notting Hill Carnival is on Sunday 26 and Monday 27 August • Read our guide to carnival safety and public transport • Watch our video of a mas band as they prepare for the mas parade

A festival of London's diverse and multicultural past and present, the Notting Hill Carnival is a vivid spectacle of fantastic live music ranging from reggae to dub to salsa, soca floats, steel bands, uplifting beats, jerk chicken and fried plantain food stalls plus much more.

This August bank holiday don’t go anywhere without reading our comprehensive guide to Notting Hill Carnival, which includes a route map of the parade plus an invaluable Carnival information guide, giving you tips on having fun and staying safe.

Be sure to celebrate this year's Carnival in style with both out guide to Notting Hill Carnival warm-up and after-parties and our map of the Carnival's soundsystems.

Essential Notting Hill Carnival information

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