Propaganda: Power and Persuasion


Uncle Sam poster


Bert, the Turtle: ‘The Duck and Cover Song’ Leon Carr, Leo Corday & Leo Langlois, 1953 © Sheldon Music Inc


Campbell Johnston Collection

Saturday May 25 2013 9:30 - 17:00

Among the questions asked by the British Library's summer 2013 exhibition are 'What have the Olympics, Chairman Mao and matchboxes got in common?', 'Who portrayed Margaret Thatcher as Napoleon, and why?', and 'Is propaganda public information or misinformation, and do we need it?'. From safe sex to dictatorships, the show explores how different states have used propaganda during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, in peace time and in war. Posters, films, cartoons and textbooks reveal the many ways by which the state tries to influence its citizens, and how propaganda has been used through time and across cultures.