Saam Farahmand: interview

Saam Farahmand has directed videos for Klaxons and New Young Pony Club among others; he’s one of Time Out’s 40th birthday London heroes

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    Who are your London heroes?

    ‘[London DJ and producer] Erol’s a massive hero of mine, when you look at what he’s done for London. He’s been present the whole time I’ve been in London, he’s a figurehead and as much a part of London as Big Ben.’

    What’s your favourite place in London?

    ‘Mama Thai on Toynbee Street, which is a tiny little family-run place that serves massive heartwarming food for £3.’

    What’s your personal favourite moment in London?

    ‘I went to see a Bruce Nauman show in the Hayward Gallery when I was a teenager around the time that the YBA art scene was booming and that inspired me and made me want to go to Goldsmiths and study art.’

    What’s been your best London party?

    ‘There was one party my friends and I had at our flat on Heaps Road in New Cross and everyone was falling in love with each other. It was one of those magic nights that’s so incredible nobody wants to leave, so it just goes on and on and on. We were all listening to [record label] DFA, which was just starting to come to life – or New York cow-bell music, as we used to call it – and was a massive thing for us.’

    What’s the future for your field in London?

    ‘If London is going to truly progress as a creative city then it’s up to those people who have the power to wake the fuck up. Otherwise everything is just going to happen slowly like it always has done. I just want to see people in film and record labels taking more risks, as they’re not signing anyone. Otherwise the whole city is just going to close up and go to shit.’

    Complete the sentence: London is…

    ‘…randy. It just is, innit? I can’t expand on that.’See all Time Out's 40th birthday London heroes

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