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Freak or unique? Time Out catches up with four of London's trendiest fashionistas

  • Secret scenes: Fashion

    Dickon Edwards, 'dysfunctional dandy & forsaken flaneur'

  • Dickon Edwards

    ,35, dysfunctional dandy & forsaken flaneurScene The stylishly misplaced.What are you wearing? A silky red dressing gown over a white shirt and cream linen suit trousers, with a silk cream and white scarf tied as a cravat. My shoes were Gucci loafers. Most items were donated to me by kind friends over the years. I am a one-man Oxfam.Where do you hang out? The Boogaloo (N6), and environs.What music are you into? From Doris Day to Nico, via the scenic route.Who are your influences? The philosophy of Quentin Crisp, the nerve of Stephen Tennant, the nervousness of Alan Bennett.Dickon’s The Beautiful & Damned club is Thursday September 20 at the Boogaloo.

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    Laura Parkinson (left) and Lauren O'Farrell (right)

    Laura Parkinson and Lauren O’Farrell,

    22 and 29, founders of Stitch & Bitch LondonScene Knitting.What are you wearing? Laura: Dress 'By Laura' label from Topshop – I had to have it as I apparently created it. Petticoat is my mum’s. (And depending on which shot you choose) Black heels by Oasis/white crown jewels pumps by Rocket Dog. Sparkly skull necklace from Las Vegas. Lauren: Random eBay bargains. Hair by Chemo (first regrowth after high-dose chemo).Where do you hang out? Knitting up a storm at the feet of various London monuments, cafés and pubs teaching the masses to knit.What music are you into? Laura: ’80s cheese (Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Patrick Swayze. Lauren: ‘Animal Hospital’ theme tune and Hong Kong Cinema.What are you influences? Laura: Knitta (American knitting graffiti group), Molly Ringwald, Debbie Stoller (creator of Stitch and Bitch).Lauren: Hayao Miyazaki, my knitting comrades, and Snoopy (that beagle is my Yoda).Stitch & Bitch London meet every two weeks. Email

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    23, art director, designer, stylist and super brandScene Futurism (and I’m the only one in it, so far).What are you wearing? Kimono jacket by Kim Jones. Trousers were M&S. Sunglasses by Arckiv. Vest by Mark Garmm. Black hood by Deepak Solanki. Jelly shoes are by Benjamin Kirchoff. T-shirt is Molaroid’s own and felt socks.Where do you hang out? I do hang out at Arckiv Eyewear’s headquarters in East London, and at Anti-Social, Boombox and Trash.What music are you into? I’m weird, actually. I do a top five every week at Anti-Social going from German techno to the Spice Girls, Age of Love by Age of Love then I play ‘Wannabe’.What are your influences? Nova magazine’s fashion director Caroline Baker,, Manga cartoonist Masamune Shirow and Stanley Kubrick. and he DJs every Saturday at Anti-Social at Bar Music Hall.

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    Olly Hodgson

    Olly Hodgson,

    25, promoter at The FlyScene I dabble in the indie, emo and alternative rock ’n’ roll scenes. What are you wearing? Paul Smith T-shirt, blue Levi’s jeans that need a wash, Converse trainersWhere do you hang out? Club nights like Dirty Sounds, Don’t Look Down, Adventures Close To Home, Dance In My Blood, and places like the Crobar and Barfly – any small, dirty live music venue, really.What music are you into? It’s pretty eclectic: Coheed And Cambria, CSS, Men Women And Children, 18 Visions, The Scare.Who are your influences? Brett Chan, Rich Pack, Kiss Reid, Jerry de Borg.The Fly is 36-38 New Oxford St, WC1A 1EP. See Music and Club listings.

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Steve Stones obviously wishes they had picked him to interview. And there is nowt wrong with working down a coal mine!

Steven Stones
Steven Stones

Wind your neck in, you. I'm the king of fashion.

Steven Stones
Steven Stones

I think some of them should be put to work down coal mines, me.