Secret suburbia

Peek over the privet at our well-tended garden of suburban delights

  • What is a suburb?
    Six of the capital's sharpest brains try to nail down the essence of the London suburb.

    The suburbanite test
    Answer nine questions to see whether you're a city slicker, semi-urban, or Richard Briers.

    Suburban Sitcoms
    Why are the suburbs responsible for the country's funniest television? And just who is the greatest ever London sitcom hero?

    Music from the suburbs
    London's outer reaches are home to some of the best music and hippest venues.

    Best of the suburbs
    Who said the sticks were stuffed with craft fairs and amateur dramatics? We uncover the cultural side of the suburban psyche.

    Suburban legends quiz
    Can you match the famous person to their suburb?

    Suburban London Underground posters
    In the 1920s and '30s, London Underground commissioned a series of striking posters enticing people to the suburbs. See them here.

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