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As we reveal our Seven Wonders of London, we take a look at the buildings, landmarks and places that you chose as your personal favourites. Want to add your voice to the debate? Have your say below

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    Battersea Power Statio

    Greater London House

    Matt wrote… ‘The former Carreras cigarette factory (now Greater London House), opposite Mornington Crescent tube station is fantastic. Together with the Hoover Building, it just shows not only how beautiful some of London’s art deco buildings are, but emphasises how ugly and uninspiring much of the city’s modern architecture is.’

    The Gillette Tower

    Catherine Spratt wrote… ‘I love the Gillette Tower on the Syon Lane junction of the A4, especially at dusk when the pink and blue neon on the clock appears – beautiful.’

    Power stations

    Jo wrote… ‘London’s biggest wonders are its power stations, which are impressive and beautifully located next to the Thames. One became Tate Modern and epitomises contemporary London. Another, Battersea Power Station, has been on album covers and in movie sets and, even though it’s unclear what the future holds for it, when you pass by on the train, it makes you realise how the industrial era changed humanity forever. Lastly, the Greenwich Power Station is still in operation but, considering it’s next to The O2, and it has been mooted as an ideal venue for the new museum of performing arts, for me it is already part of the new east London. Please consider them for your Seven Wonders.’

    The Gherkin

    The Gherkin

    Hermine Muellner wrote… ‘The Gherkin, to me, is the best example of modern architecture that fits perfectly in a lively city like London.’

    The Greenwich foot tunnel

    Richard Hartung wrote…
    ‘I would like to see the tunnel under the Thames at Greenwich with its two dome-like entrances included.’

    The London sewer system

    Sir Bazalgette wrote… ‘The London sewer system should be one of the Seven Wonders of London. Well constructed, it has served the capital well for many years.’

    Wembley Stadium

    Vinod wrote… ‘The renewed Wembley Stadium has made a big difference to the west London skyline and, when fully lit, the arch, stadium and adjacent station are a sight to behold.’

    The Braithwaite Hall

    Linds wrote… ‘The Braithwaite Hall in Croydon’s Clocktower arts centre is a wonder. It may not be quite on the scale of Natural History Museum, but the fact that such a grand gothic hall (looking like something straight out of Hogwarts) exists hidden in the centre of Croydon is wonderful.’

    Houses of Parliament

    Houses of Parliament

    Ben wrote… ‘While I’m a big fan of St Pancras, describing it as “the grandest celebration of gothic architecture in Britain” (TO 1941) is a bit over the top. The Houses of Parliament tops it for me.'

    The City of London churches

    Peter Lunoe wrote… ‘The City of London churches. There are 38 of them, and from the magnificent ceiling of St Mary Abchurch to the hidden charm of St Olave, they all offer something.’

    Waterloo Bridge

    Peter Twist wrote… ‘I choose Waterloo Bridge. It was built by women and offers the best free views of London and its riverside.’

    King’s Library

    L Lam wrote… ‘I’d like to nominate the King’s Library at the British Library, which is as beautiful and useful as St Pancras.’

    The BT Tower

    The BT Tower

    David says… ‘This is one of the defining features of the London skyline for me. It looks like a giant crash-landed satellite. I love the way you can see it from miles away, and you can use it to navigate your way around.’

    St Pancras

    Jaco Marais wrote… ‘At the beginning of 1997, I arrived in London for the first time, having grown up in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On my way to catch a train from King’s Cross, I passed this edifice and I was dumbfounded. Never had I known such a thing existed, such a tower of detail, mess, dominance and grime. I hope new visitors are as awe-struck as I first was. I am delighted to see St Pancras included as one of the Seven Wonders of London. It made me wonder for years.’

    Hoover Building

    Jilly Crouch wrote… ‘I agree completely with the choice of the Hoover Building, and have a vested interest because I live behind and to the left of the building and watched its progress from dilapidation to listed building-cum-supermarket façade.’
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