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    'Keeping Up Appearances'

    3 Eccentricity

    David Nobbs ‘In the suburbs, if you feel different, you feel very different. It’s a way of making people feel eccentric even when they probably aren’t. Reggie probably wouldn’t have gone mad if he’d been living in central London.’ Phil Cornwell ‘Having all these Hollywood superstars living in the English suburban landscape allowed us to normalise them. It wouldn’t have been funny if you’d had them in Hoxton or Beverly Hills. After watching “Stella Street”, Keith Richards said he wanted to buy the cornershop where we filmed.’

    Maurice Gran ‘I don’t think we did explore the comedy of suburbia in “Birds of a Feather”. I think what came first was: I saw two over-dressed women and two dodgy-looking geezers having Christmas lunch in a restaurant and spun a fantasy about them. That they had snuck back from the Costa del Crime to have their Christmas dinner.'

    ‘The reason we chose Chigwell was that we heard it was the area of the UK with the highest proportion of houses bought for cash. This may be a great slur on the burghers of Chigwell, but we liked the idea that if you’d been a successful bank robber, you went to Chigwell.’

    Roger Beckett ‘We were interested in taking that conservative suburban attitude of intolerance and fear of change to extremes. There’s a twisted logic to a group of housewives who arm themselves to the teeth in order to protect their values and their idyllic environment.’

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