Suburban sitcoms

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    4 Boredom

    David Nobbs ‘I think the suburbs are part of the pattern of identicalness that drives Reggie up the wall. The streets along which he walks with identical houses and similar clothes, the same people going on the same train each morning. It was absolutely essential to his angst.’
    Sam Bain
    ‘One of the things I love about “Peep Show” is that it explores the suburban wasteland. We picked locations like laser-bowl alleys, off-licences, cornershops or kebab houses. The characters don’t go to a local pub, they go to various pubs where no one knows them. In suburbia, you’re not in the country and you’re not in London. You’re in-between and there’s a sense that you’re not anywhere particular in your life.’

    Carla Lane (‘Butterflies’) ‘In Ria’s case she was bored and she knew why. She freed herself with this fascination for Leonard. She was a dreamer. She lived in a house that was in a road that was all about confines. I don’t think women will put up with being frustrated today. She’d go out and get what she needed to unfrustrate herself, be it a job, love, writing, singing or whatever. The world has changed so much.’

    Maurice Gran ‘Chigwell is like all those very outer-London suburbs such as Perivale and Pinner. There’s a Waitrose, there are lots of 4x4s, there’s a second-rate Italian restaurant, there’s a health club and a lot of women with a lot of money and not much to do, and David Lloyd tennis clubs that are full of women who never get sweaty until they go home and fuck the tennis coach in their lunch break. To me, it’s not suburbia but exurbia.’

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