The great London treasure hunt 2008



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The Great London Treasure Hunt 2008 competition is now closed, but you can still follow the trails and solve the clues. Our five London-themed hunts cross very different areas of the capital, giving you, your family and your friends the perfect excuse to explore some of the city‘s most appealing quarters. Illustration Nick White

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    The riverside hunt

    West London

    Look out for tropical palm trees, strange sculptures and mysterious plaques on the banks of the Thames.

    The theatrical hunt

    West End

    Watch out for lager-swigging actors down Masonic streets on this thespian trail through Theatreland.

    The money hunt


    Solve the riddles on this intrepid journey through hundreds of years of trade, commerce and empire.

    The after-dark hunt

    East End

    Discover flowers, artworks and giant letters on this eerie nocturnal hunt through Jack the Ripper's old patch.

    The literary hunt


    Follow in the footsteps of boozy authors, artistic hoaxers and an all-dancing George Bernard Shaw.

    How to play

    Solving the clues

    Each clue describes a specific location; you’ll need to actually visit each area and follow the instructions in order to find the solution.


    If you’re confounded by a clue, you can swap answers with other hunters via the online Clue Exchange. Or, if that doesn’t work, queries can be emailed to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Extra clues | Get the answers

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Extra clues | Get the answers

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