The world's tubes compared



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We adore it, but how does our beloved underground line match up against other world cities‘? Here we present the definitive statistical comparison with Tokyo, Paris, New York, Moscow, Berlin and, er, Glasgow

  • The world's tubes compared

    New York © Scott Chasserot

  • The Underground on film

    From alien spaceships to female scorpians, American werewolves and Woody Harrelson - the world's underground train lines have played host to numerous onscreen oddities. Time Out judges the world's tubes on film.

    Claim to fame

    How did a New York train driver lose a train on the subway for seven years? Here's our tales and legends of the world's subterranean railways.

    Cheapest fare

    So where's the most expensive place in the world to travel by tube? We wonder...

    Deepest station

    At almost 100 meters below sea level where is the world's deepest tube station?


    Which city in the world boasts the most tube stations?

    Year of constrcution

    Built in 1863 London's tube system was the envy of the world, but which city was the next to follow suit?

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