Time Out attempts a Guinness World Record



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Time Out attempts to break the record for the world's largest candy mosaic with 250,000 Smarties

  • Time Out attempts a Guinness World Record

    Smarty pants: the world record lies in bits © Rob Greig

  • Our hands are currently caked in a crackled layer of Superglue that resembles an obscure skin disease and seems worryingly permanent. Why? The mission on which our battle scars were sustained was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the planet’s largest candy mosaic, a depiction of the London skyline made up of 250,000 Smarties.

    The idea was dreamt up by the folk at Chiswick Park, a business park with a Google-style attitude to making the workplace fun. A specialist team organises a ‘range of efficient lifestyle services’ for the park’s ‘guests’ (aka employees), such as taking care of tedious chores to free up time for more important matters: handing out free umbrellas to anyone caught unprepared in a downpour and morale-boosting activities.

    The world record attempt has clear team-building appeal – at 40 square metres, a lot of fingers were going to be needed to stick the Smarties into place. Time Out was invited to assemble a one-metre square section of the mural, which was designed by artist Mark Greenwood. We chose to tackle part of the London Eye.

    New_80 BS Smarties958.jpg The kit arrives and the Time Out team sets to work. We have an unwieldy polystyrene board, marked out paint-by-numbers-style; an industrial-looking glue gun; a ruler to guide unsteady hands; and giant bags of single-colour Smarties. The warning – ‘Do not eat: these Smarties have been sorted in a non-sterile environment’ – ensures we don’t devour vital components. The Smarties must be arranged in straight lines with each sweet touching the ones beside it in order to achieve the record.

    It takes two days of glueing and counting out our multi-coloured stash before our section is ready to join the parts depicting Big Ben, Wembley Stadium, the Thames and a red bus.

    An official adjudicator from Guinness World Records inspects the completed 40m x 40m mural and verifies that the previous record (37.126 square metres) has been successfully broken. We feel only momentary guilt that we’ve snatched the record from Calderdale Looked After Children Education Service in Halifax. Check out the group handiwork at a five-day exhibition when sections of the mural will be displayed alongside giant photographs of the project. Suggestions for removing superglue gratefully received at the usual address.
    World Record Attempt exhibition, Chiswick Park, buildings 3-5 & 10, 566 Chiswick High Rd, W4 (www.enjoy-work.com) Gunnersbury tube/rail.
    Open Aug 4-8 9am-5pm.

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