Top ten London murals



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    8. Stockwell mural

    Deep-level shelter walls on traffic island next to Stockwell tube, SW8A potted history of Stockwell, again designed by Brian Barnes (1998). From famous residents such as Vincent van Gogh and, erm, Roger Moore, to the local war dead whose sacrificed lives are symbolised by hundreds of poppies. A portrait of Jean Charles de Menezes was recently added by Barnes, but later nixed by Lambeth Council. Rating 8/10. The never-opened tube station makes an unusual canvas for this colourful memorial.


    9. Battersea in perspective

    Corner of Dagnall Road and Culvert Street, SW11Another Barnes stormer (painted in 1988). This time, Battersea comes under his scrutiny, from an aerial perspective. The lofty view is well chosen – the plaque reveals just how many distinguished aviators came from the area.
    8/10. Google Earth…but on a wall.mural10.JPG

    10. Westbourne Park mural

    Junction of Fermoy Road and Great Western Road, W9Now here’s something a little different. This pint-sized mural offers a distorted, Holbein-esque reflection of the Great Western Road. A crowd of catoonish people wait at a bus stop as traffic moves away on the wrong side of the road (this being a mirror image).Yet, on the far left, the number 23 is not reversed. Stop screwing with our heads!Rating 7/10. Marvellous idea; less than perfect execution.

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