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Singer, actor and swinging ’60s London supermodel, Twiggy is one of Time Out’s 40th birthday London heroes

  • Twiggy: interview

    Twiggy: 'Fireworks, love and peace all around… shame the world isn’t like that all the time’

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    Who are your London heroes?

    ‘Charles Dickens and Marie Lloyd. Dickens because he’s one of the greatest writers that has ever lived, and he wrote about London so amazingly. And Marie Lloyd, who was England’s first pop star in the late 1880s. And David Bowie. His music is extraordinary and, apart from The Beatles and the Stones, from the moment he hit he sounded new. There’s nobody who sounds like Bowie, he’s unmistakably him. He’s also a lovely man.’

    What’s your favourite place in London?

    ‘The Natural History Museum. Holland Park is my favourite outside space.

    What’s your personal favourite moment in London?

    ‘Celebrating the millennium at Vauxhall Bridge. It was amazing. We walked along the Embankment after having dinner with friends – my daughter, stepson and my husband, Lee, and myself – and there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people and everyone was being so lovely to each other. In the centre of London! It was the most amazing feeling. Fireworks, love and peace all around… shame the world isn’t like that all the time.’

    What’s the future of fashion in London?

    ‘Fashion goes round in circles. What will be will be.’

    What was your all-time best London party?

    ‘George Harrison’s memorial concert in the Albert Hall. It wasn’t technically a party, but it became one. It was such an uplifting celebration of his life. Everyone cried and everyone laughed. It was magnificent.’

    Complete the sentence: London is…

    ‘…the greatest city in the world and I love it.’See all Time Out's 40th birthday London heroes

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