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    Approach to Bow Church


    Village hall

    Kingsley Hall was a shelter and soup kitchen for workers during the general strike. Today’s activities: ‘drumming session open to youth’. Probably no bring-and-buy sales, then. 6/10

    Cricket pitch

    There is a cricket pitch at Mile End stadium, but it’s not exactly a small local facility. 6/10

    Village green

    At the junction of Stroudley Walk and Bromley High Street, there is a triangle of litter-covered tarmac with the post office on one side alongside the Bow Fish Bar and a Ladbrokes. 3/10

    Local pub

    Traditional East End boozer the Bow Bells (116 Bow Road, E3, 020 8981 7317). 10/10


    Post office

    A large but shabby one on Stroudley Walk. 6/10


    Bow Church, parts of which date back to 1311, sits like a desolate island bang in the middle of Bow Road. It’s one of the churches in the nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’. 4/10

    Bow: a village of convenience

    Local bobby

    ‘You’re jokin,’ retorts Bow Bells landlady Barbara Thompson, 53. ‘They’re all flyin’ around in cars these days. I’ve never seen a foot copper at all.’ 1/10

    Annual fête

    There’s a Bow Festival where local performance artists re-enact the Jarrow Hunger March with recycled tyres and that sort of thing. 3/10

    Village idiot

    MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, George Galloway. 11/10

    Village people

    ‘People are from all walks of life, but there are a lot of City people coming in and the prices are sky-high. It’s losing its old working-class, Labour people.’ John Ayres, Bow Bells regular 6/10

    Local's verdict

    ‘These days you don’t know who your neighbours are from one day to the next, the area’s changing that quickly. But there’s still enough of us old-timers around to keep the area from getting too up itself.’ Ron Smallwood, Bow resident Total 56/100

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