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    The bowling green


    Village hall

    The Drill Hall is mostly used for sports activities. Sadly there’s no village disco – unless you count Eros on the A10. Plus points, though, for the bowling green at the local Conservative Club. 8/10

    Cricket pitch

    There is a pitch at the town park on Essex Road. 9/10

    Village green

    Large, leafy Chase Green is suitably tranquil and is even surrounded by cottages with roses twining round their doors. 10/10

    Local pub

    The ivy-covered Old Wheatsheaf (3 Windmill Hill, EN3, 020 8363 0516) next to Chase Green is appropriately villagey with its timber beams – and ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ on the stereo. 10/10

    Post office

    There is a sub-post office on the village green. 7/10


    The parish church is St Andrew’s, which dates to 1190 and has a cracking church tower from the fourteenth century . 10/10

    Enfield Conservative Club

    Local bobby

    ‘The community police, Lou and Ollie pop in regularly – but not in a bad way,’ says Toni Heather, 24, bartender at the Old Wheatsheaf. 10/10

    Annual fête

    Not as such, unless you count a group of 15-year-olds bashing out ‘Mustang Sally’ on the village green the day we visited. However, in a show of one-upmanship, the green is host to an annual classic car show. 5/10

    Village people

    A quick walkabout revealed a fair smattering of Mercs and BMWs along the leafy canals and twisting lanes – rural poverty this ain’t. 5/10

    Local's verdict

    ‘It’s beautiful, and we’re within easy reach of both real countryside and the town.’ Philip Walker, 73, Conservative Club drinker Total 80/100

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