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  • Highgate

    Village hall

    Not as such, but there is the Highgate Society, based in Pond Square, which aims to conserve the historic nature of the village. There’s also the suitably genteel French Circle and Watercolour Group. 5/10

    Cricket pitch

    Although the village doesn’t have its own pitch, there is a village team that practises at Highgate School at the top of the village. 6/10

    Village green

    Not square, not green and not even a pond, Pond Square, at the heart of the village, is a triangle of paving stones masquerading as a village green. 2/10

    Local pub

    Highgate was the last stop-off for farmers taking cattle into the city and the abundance of pubs (eight on the High Street, including the Prince of Wales) reflects the fact that the village was something of a party stop. 9/10

    Post office

    There’s a sub-post office that’s part of the general store on the High Street. 7/10


    St Michael’s is the local parish church. At the entrance there is a marker indicating that the floor level is 365 feet above sea level – the same height as the dome of St Paul’s. 10/10

    Local bobby

    Locals in the Prince of Wales knew the name of their affable copper, PC Mick Hall, who regularly pops his head round the door of the various pubs (as well as keeping an eye on muggings and murders, of course). 9/10

    Annual fête

    There is an annual village festival that sells local produce (think organic elderberry wine) and arts and crafts. There’s also a merry-go-round. 8/10

    Village idiot

    Good for eccentrics: there’s the man who walks 1,000 miles every week; and the one who lives in a shed at the top of the High Street. 8/10

    Village people

    Locals describe themselves as ‘professional’, ‘white middle-class’ and ‘not very multicultural’. Every other shop on the High Street is an estate agent, with prices near £2 million for some properties. 4/10

    Local's verdict

    ‘It’s a close-knit community. If one thing happens at the bottom of the High Street, give us five minutes and everyone will know about it at the top. We’re superior to Hampstead. Hampstead has lost it – it’s even got a McDonald’s.’ Peter Desbois, Highgate resident Total 68/100

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