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    Kew cricket pavilion


    Village hall

    Not as such, but St Anne’s church does have a parish hall, while the National Archive is around the corner. 2/10

    Cricket pitch

    Absolutely, right in the centre of the old village (ie the bit round Kew Green), complete with pavilion, sight screens and asymmetrical boundaries. Quite simply a perfect example of the genre. 10/10

    Village green

    Yep, across the busy main road from the cricket pitch. There’s also the nearby Kew Botanical Gardens, which some cynical locals now consider to be ‘no better than a theme park’. 10/10

    Local pub

    There are two overlooking Kew Green – the Greyhound (82 Kew Green, TW9, 020 8940 0071) and the Young’s-owned Coach & Horses (8 Kew Green, TW9, 020 8940 1208). 8/10

    Post office

    The post office by Kew Green was knocked down along with a butcher and hardware store to make way for a new development (one of the reasons why locals snort at the notion of a ‘village’). 2/10

    Kew Green


    The huge 300-year-old St Anne’s sits in a dominant position across the cricket pitch from the Rose & Crown. 10/10

    Local bobby

    The nearest police station is in Richmond, where Sergeant Will Cherry has responsibility for Kew. 5/10

    Annual fête

    Kew Fayre 2006 is on September 2 on the village green, but isn’t just for locals. Last year there were 20,000 visitors and 200 stalls. The dog show is particularly popular. 6/10

    Village idiot

    Not a local idiot as such, but Kew has an eccentric plant: the titan arum, at the Botanical Gardens. It has a distinctive aroma that can be placed somewhere between rotting flesh and excrement. 4/10

    Village people

    People who can’t afford Chiswick plus a handful of ’70s holdouts who moved here when it was cheap and now lament their new moneyed neighbours. 6/10

    Local's verdict

    ‘It feels like a village, but what makes Kew stand out is being ten minutes from a world heritage site, although that does cause a lot of traffic. We’re also on the Heathrow flightpath, so it can get noisy, but at least we’re not very far from the airport. I do wish we had more ethnic diversity, though.’ Angela Seay, chair of the Kew Society Total 63/100

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