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From the moment the Olympic torch is handed over on August 24, the eyes of the world will be trained on London. Every last detail will come under scrutiny from the progress of our new stadiums to the consolidation of our highfalutin plans for the Cultural Olympiad. The latter kicks off with a weekend of as-yet-unconfirmed events from September 26-28 and runs for the four years prior to the Games

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    When we reported on the Cultural Olympiad last year, we were optimistic despite laying out various reservations including, of course, concerns over funding. Mystifyingly, matters don’t appear to have progressed much in the last 365 days. With the full programme due to be announced on September 4 there’s little more than vague rumour surrounding the plans.

    Ideas mooted so far include a Shakespeare Festival, a World Cultural Festival, an Olympic Proms, a video scheme and a series of locally-based ‘Inspire mark’ projects – creative initiatives inspired by the Games. All of which sound great (ish), but with the clock ticking increasingly fast it’s time they delivered some concrete plans.

    In the meantime we thought we’d open the debate up to Londoners everywhere and ask you what you want to see in your Cultural Olympiad – should it showcase London’s existing arts facilities with schemes such as free entry to key venues every month for a year up to 2012, or should it break new ground? Contribute your ideas to the debate below.

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