Where to find free wi-fi in London

  • Camden Coffee House

    30 Camden Rd, NW1 9DP (020 7428 9477/ www.camdencoffeehouse.co.uk).

    This small independent café opened last year, and has already established itself as a favourite with Camden locals, with its simple unassuming decor, welcoming staff and a strong focus on excellent coffee. There’s also a pleasant area out the back.

  • Charlie's Sandwich Bar

    St Paul’s Rd, N1 2LH (020 7704 8435).

    Fashionable it isn’t, but this family-run café has a distinctly local feel, and is all the better for it. With time-pressed locals opting for takeaways, it provides a pleasantly laid-back atmosphere in which to while away an afternoon. When you’ve finished surfing, make for nearby Highbury Fields for a picnic.

  • LCB Surf Store

    23 Chalk Farm Rd, NW1 8AG (020 7482 6089/ www.lcbsurfstore.com).

    LCB is best known for its snowboarding and surfing gear, but is equally popular for surfing the net. Both the Camden and Shoreditch branches serve organic and Fairtrade coffee plus your usual café fare of pastries and smoothies, and they also have a couple of laptops you can use. Read more

  • Proud

    Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, NW1 8AH (020 7482 3867/ www.proud.co.uk).

    The new Proud Camden might not be quite as hip as it used to be – a victim of its own cult success – but look carefully and you will still spot the odd skinny-jeaned singer in one of the old horse stalls. It’s a good place to come for a quiet coffee and free wi-fi in the day. There’s live music every night from about eight. Read more

  • Big Chill House

    257-259 Pentonville Rd, N1 9NL (020 7427 2540/ www.bigchill.net).

    Just down from King’s Cross station, the Big Chill House is all comfy sofas, shared platters and European lagers. There’s a very reasonable £5 lunch menu, which is probably the time take your laptop before the music gets cranked up in the evening. Read more

  • Wellcome Collection Café

    183 Euston Rd NW1 2BE (020 7611 2222/ www.wellcomecollection.org).

    An outpost of Peyton & Byrne, the compact café in the Wellcome Collection foyer is relaxing and civilised. Sip on an Earl Grey tea, settle on a sofa and get to work on your essay on ‘Why science is essentially art’. Read more

  • Camden Arts Centre Café

    Arkwright Rd, NW3 6DG (020 7472 5500/ www.camdenartscentre.org).

    According to Time Out itself, the Camden Arts Centre has ‘the best coffee in north London’, and the pastries aren’t bad either. The café is light and airy with free wi-fi and nice big tables, but there’s also a gallery and bookshop stocked with quirky little publications that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. The café opens on to a garden, where you can work among the various temporary artworks. Read more

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