Where's our Routemaster?

A key plank of Boris Johnson’s manifesto was a promise to ‘run a competition to find a twenty-first century Routemaster that has full disabled access, runs on clean fuel and has conductors’. Kulveer Ranger, BJ’s director of transport, has said: ‘The plan is to have them on the roads by the end of his first term. We want people to be creative. Our brief is very flexible. Anything is possible’

  • Where's our Routemaster?

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  • So Big Smoke got to work…

    1. Multi-deck Routemaster

    Pros Increased capacity, and segregates ruling classes from those who only attended minor public schools. Cons Bridges.

    2. Horse-drawn Routemaster

    Pros If we’re going back in time, why stop at the Routemaster? Open top deck allows gentlemen to wear their top hats in comfort.Cons Needs big pooper scoop.

    3. Flying Routemaster

    Pros Avoids congestion.Cons An open platform at 10,000 feet could breach health and safety.

    4. Crime-fighting Routemaster

    Pros Combines two pledges with a Routemaster that transforms into a knife-crime-fighting robot. Also features disabled access. Cons Potential writ from Hasbro.

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