Zhandra Rhodes: interview



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Pink-haired doyenne of capital fashion, punk designer and CBE, Zhandra Rhodes is one of Time Out London’s 40th birthday heroes

  • Zhandra Rhodes: interview

    Zhandra Rhodes: 'You go to a town, Time Out is the quickest way around'

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    London heroes past and present?

    'Christopher Wren and the Prince Regent who created some of the key vistas in this town. We’ve got some wonderful, wonderful artists like Norman Ackroyd, who does wonderful etching. I adore the work of Alan Jones, and Duggie Fields and Andrew Logan – two of my close friends – are totally unappreciated. I think that what Norman Foster has done to our landscape makes a lot of the places very worthwhile. And what Zaha Hadid is doing is amazing. Charles James was never given the credit for the fact he created the New Look before Dior.'

    What’s your favourite place/thing in London?

    'My flat at the top of the Museum of Fashion & Textiles in Bermondsey, designed by Ricardo Legorreta;I think it blends old with new. I can see Tower Bridge and I can see Canary Wharf from it.'

    What does Time Out mean to you?

    'I knew Tony Elliott when he was first handing it out as a little fold over leaflet of what was going on when I had a shop in the Fulham Road. I think it’s incredible how he’s taken it from different city to different city. He’s turned it into a must-have if you go to a city – to see what’s going on. I’ve followed it over the years. You go to a town, Time Out is the quickest way around.'

    What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

    'A party in Ascot given by Mrs Heinz III. We were rowed across to a grotto and there was a merry-go-round and Princess Margaret was bobbing up and down on them and the Queen was a private guest.'

    Complete the sentence: London is...

    'A very happening place, but extremely unappreciated and in everyone’s mind it’s considered too expensive, which is a big problem. There are free things that people overlook. What people do here is so vibrant – more so than a lot of other places.'See all Time Out's 40th birthday London heroes

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