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Still the kings of comedy?

As Larry David leaves ‘Larry David’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ behind by starring with Jon Hamm and Kate Hudson in HBO movie ‘Clear History’, we gauge how he and other comic auteurs have fared after the first flush of success.

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Deconstructing ‘Doctor Who’

After 798 episodes, 11 different Doctors, a myriad of monsters and several million traumatised British youngsters, Doctor Who has finally arrived at his 50th anniversary. But how did it become the most successful sci-fi series in the universe?

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The ten best TV politicians

Ever year seems to see a new dip of confidence in our public servants. But would we be better off with fictional characters running the world's governments?

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The ten best TV geeks

In Richard Ayoade’s Moss, ‘The IT Crowd’ gave us a geek for our times: hyper-intelligent, super-awkward and only vaguely aware of the opposite sex. But TV has spent decades showcasing such epic losers. And they aren’t just middle-aged white males, either...

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TV interviews

The creators and stars of ‘Sherlock’

‘We’re gonna play you mercilessly’

What can we expect from the return of ‘Sherlock’?

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Aneurin Barnard

‘British actors are becoming a bit soft’

The Welsh rising star talks about ambition, period performance and working with Ray Winstone.

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Derren Brown

‘People have stories to tell, but they become invisible’

Derren Brown’s going to use a group of OAPs to steal a painting. How does he do it?

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Heston Blumenthal

‘I love a wet, sloppy pizza’

A new TV series, a restaurant at Heathrow and a high-pressure Christmas dinner: Heston Blumenthal has plenty on his plate.

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