'The Inbetweeners': where are they now?

As three of the four ‘Inbetweeners’ launch new shows this week, we report on their progress since graduation from the E4 school sitcom



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James Buckley

James’s first role was an admirable attempt to try something new, playing young Del Boy in morose ‘Only Fools and Horses’ prequel ‘Rock and Chips’. Sadly, it never quite found its tone, while his turn in an Orange cinema ad for ‘The Expendables 2’ was no great stretch for this amiable goof.
Grade: B–

A cameo in misfiring 2011 ‘Comic Strip’ revival ‘The Hunt for Tony Blair’ is about as funny as it’s got for James.
Grade: D

Future prospects
We don’t doubt his application, but when microbudget Eurohorror ‘Site 146’ appears to be James’s only major project on the horizon (other than the newly announced ‘Inbetweeners Movie’ sequel), one rather fears the worst.
Grade: D


'Big Bad World' begins Wednesday August 21, 9pm, Comedy Central
'Chickens' begins Thursday August 22, 9.30pm, Sky1

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