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Los Angeles

The sexy, scarlet-and-black minimalist vibe and the soul-funk grooves spinning in the background have both proved hits with cool West Side kids in full blown denial of their quarter-life crisis. With tracks from the golden age of hip hop, some soul, funk and a bit of '80s thrown in alongside the strong speciality drinks, the dancefloor stays good and loose. If it looks too full, then just a little down the street is the Circle Bar (2926 Main Street, 310-450-0508, thecirclebar.com), another staple for pretty young twenty- and thirtysomethings.

Venue name: Barcopa
Address: 2810 Main St
Los Angeles

Venue phone: 310 452-2445
Website: http://barcopa-la.com/
Opening hours: 9am-2am Wed-Sat.
2 people listening